words softly spoken from one heart to another from so far away

Like a butterfly that breaks free the cocoon of darkness

and soars silently into the Light of day


Bursts forth out of

the BOOK of LIFE

shedding its light   * the darkness now lit

Ahhhhh ! this is where I write about


A brand new opportunity

Gray’Owl takes a deep breath and listening intently he hears softly spoken words

from a far off distant heart

Whispering words with deep meanings of inspiration

and great understanding then with the wisdom of ultimate truth

he then speaks the words out loud

Placing them into power

i am                    

I am . . . . . . . .

I AM ~

I am a bridge between two great nations

I have paid the price of it with my life

To become the person that I am right now

and yes it was worth the price I paid

( pausing for a moment )

Taking another deep breath brushing aside his tears and continues

I have inherited our past and will continue to manifest our future

As for all that really matters is what

* WE *

Do in this solitary moment

For that is really all that we have

Is the here and now

this single infinite lonely moment

A leaf unfolds to expose its heart of wisdom

as I enter from the East

because I am not from the earth

I am of it

Another day has dawned a new beginning

Things unknown just beyond your sight

The Chinook winds blow from the South

I find a new beginning like the life giving fresh new blades of grass pushing up

through the melting snow

Like a spring flower another day blossoms

Filling the Air with its enticing essence

a fresh new opportunity opens to us all

This opportunity

to do that which is


Righteous and True

As I turn again and head West

I become a caterpillar like a small child crawling then suddenly

spinning   twirling   changing


It is here in the silent void of the cocoon of life

That I find where the answers ring of truth

and the LIGHT of WISDOM

Bursts Forth

(((( emerging butterfly ))))

The bright star beckons me North

To where truth cries out from the frozen wilderness

and I can feel the cold winds of change carrying me

like the blustery winds that blow across the prairie

Lifting carrying Flying Soaring

Straight up

Above to the place of perfection

Of Balance within the Beauty of Honor

A place called Love

in the lands of Dreams and whispered Prayers

Thus returning to the East

The Circle now Complete

Another new beginning

the Circle of Life

Is made complete

once walked

Beginning ~ to ~ Beginning

When I look Below

Gratitude floods my Soul

As I gaze upon the splendor of the Earth

now knowing a Higher Understanding



Cannot destroy our Mother the Earth

They possess only the ability to destroy

Each Other

I have shed my tears for them

These Archaic   Barbaric   People

Living in the dark ages of our times

Today’s modern civilized global society leading each other down the road of

Hateful   Greedy   Destruction

It is not too late


Turn around and see the

Light !

COME !!!

Come close and listen too me

I have blazed a new trail

One that leads to where

Hope Floats

We can begin again and change the world for each day as the sun rises just as I emerged

From the East

Another opportunity is given to do the right thing

to make the right choice to become that better person to live your dreams in reality

Together we can change everything

Come take my hand and walk with me

I shall not lead you anywhere

We shall simply see where these foot prints lead

a Brand New Tomorrow


Can you hear these softly spoken words

From my heart so distant yet so true ?

inspired by the words from the heart of Monique Cochran.

Namaste, Adonai Tony Gray’Owl

Do you SEE ?

Shall we go on

turn the page  /*  the Light


5 responses

  1. Anne Reynolds

    I found another one that is new to me. This one is as great as the others but for some reason I love this one a little bit more. Maybe I can tell you why next time.God is infinite in his-her wisdom and uses some souls to help others learn. Your gifts are infinite Tony Gray Owl. You have no beginning or end, you simply are. You aren’t simple far from it but some of us do choose to be simple so that we can be understood. I wonder if GOD HAS A RITUAL that is done when he sees his son create a master piece? You are his master student and teacher. It doesn’t get any better than that.
    Love & Light

    June 7, 2011 at 11:48 AM

  2. Lorraine

    Such touching words dear Tony

    June 6, 2011 at 3:44 AM

  3. Hey, great post. Great blog. It is clean and to the point. I have bookmarked it for future reading. You know it is rare to find quality content on these things…

    January 6, 2011 at 2:23 PM

  4. Francesca J

    Beautiful and powerful imagery! Very reminiscent of the old Native American teachings and poetry. I always enjoy and look forward to your words. ❤

    November 23, 2010 at 11:45 AM

  5. Donna Jean

    You have touched my Heart and My Life
    Like the whisper soft beating of butterfly wings…
    Constant… Gentle…
    and with much love… I follow your foot prints
    In Love and Light I honor your words.
    By Donna Jean NAMASTE’

    November 19, 2010 at 12:49 PM

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