Lesson Three  /*   I wonder what you’ll see

Just one of Gray'Owl's many dreams and vision's

I awoke in a vision late last night

It seemed my soul had taken flight

To somewhere far from my sight

To a place where I could see my words

these flickering flames of my desire

Burning just out of sight

I found myself amongst darkness lit

to where my soul had taken flight

To reveal from within my own heart this plight


To feel the experience of loves heat as it molds my heart

these memories that glimmer in the dark


How do you save the words that fan the flames of a heart’s broken memories

of the pain that never departs


These memories that burn deep within this fires flames

attempt to consume my very heart


My GOD where do I start


A sweet soft ghostly whisper griped me in its icy fingers

as the fiery fire of my memories still linger


It used to be my favorite place these memories that even time cannot erase


How do we replace with loving kindness


These dusty dreams and broken past

how long will it all last running running from the past


It seems that everyone passes through

yet no one seems to stick around seemingly always so all alone


Every moment it seems the end of the road is so far away

where is the shelter from loves storms


So many people come and go yet even time can never change

the you I’ve come to know forever and a day


Why do lovers drift apart when two pieces of a broken heart

sometimes mend again


I will never say good bye


These memories of once upon a time

I know there will come a day where you also will believe again


How does Love fade away as your crying in the dark

do not fear what you will find when you turn the light on


What keeps you from gathering up the pieces of a broken life

these tiny little pieces the circle your life


Come back to haunt you to haunt you

why do lovers lives drift apart because these memories kept within your heart


My love I gave it all to you now here from deep within the dark

I find myself crying crying all alone


Living on the verge of tears so afraid of my fears

trying not to love you like I love you




In the darkness of this night so very long feeling so lonely

how long do I have to be so sad and blue


Let me love you like I love you picking up these pieces of our broken hearts

Let me love you the way I love you


It takes a little time sometimes

who’s this in the mirror looking back at me a river of tears rolling down


Well it may not be over in the morning just let me hold you in my arms

I can heal this day with my love if you would but let me


To find the safety of losing these broken memories into time give me a feeling

I’ve never felt before now


Cry a river

Flood the sea

Cry a river over me

Into the oceans of my life held within my own two hands

My Love Knows no Bonderies

Maybe one day I could turn it all around


If my love for you lost in this darkness could one day be found


Have you ever wondered why we cry at night

with blinded eyes so very far from the crystal light


To feel our tears to face our fears from deep within this desperate plight

to pick up the pieces and mend


A broken heart




Where do we start

From somewhere near deep within



Is to be found that place


We laid it down


Maybe one day we can wipe away these tears

throw away these fears and make a brand new start


Perhaps the largest of these fears to forget the memory of those tears

and the pain of this broken




We are all the same it seems behind blind eyes


Broken promises and lost dreams

many Fears

even many more Tears


With desperate cry I turn to face my fears

and reach out from my tears

To where   ~    Hope   ~    can be found


Maybe one day I can turn it all around


Maybe one day I can turn the whole world around


It was as if a bolt of lightening struck me right out of a clear blue sky

This pain this fear I cannot deny


For it is a sure thing that life



I said life is a most curious thing


Every road that’s traveled


Leads me back to you its a dance its a song or two

its all a part of letting go


Every road I travel


Teaches me something new

We never lose our love

We simply give it away

Simply let it go


Maybe one day it will come back to you

After all its not that far to where loves hope can be found


So Ill tell you one more time

I give all my love to you

All you have to do is look upon the ground

To the place where you laid it down

Pick up the pieces and mend your broken heart


That is where we



All my Love as a thousand kisses

Like butterflies Touching

Touching your Lips

Touching your Heart

With my Heart

as this is what I do



I reach out from my tears

Lay down all my fears

Maybe one day

I can turn the whole world around




Just a few words from an old wise man from some cosmic space where this all takes place

What Lessons did you find tightly woven into the fabric of this insight

Did you find yourself there within my words your life exposed

Pick up the pieces lets mend your broken heart

As I know where to start

turn the page /*  see whats next


2 responses

  1. thanks

    February 8, 2011 at 12:31 PM

  2. Donna Jean

    so lovely all of it.. thank you

    December 4, 2010 at 2:20 AM

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