A Way in which to Achieve the Highest Realization of Self Ever Attained

This is

the BOOK of LIFE

as seen through the eyes of a stranger

by Author ~ Tony Gray’Owl

Native American Cherokee Shaman

Keeper of the secrets of the



This is the BOOK of LIFE

The next photo is a rendering to be permanently attached to the inside of the outer cover of the book

It was inspired of a living dream experienced by Gray’Owl in 1992,

drawn on the backside of a piece of poster board with a stick of graphite this is the original

This is the first page of wisdom exposed from within the book created in 1992

Gray’Owl has been compiling the contents and recording them into this book for decades

The book itself is hand made from the small insignificant pieces of our

Mother Earth

gathered and collected from around the world things most would consider waste

The leaves of the cover are from the rain forest in South America

The bindings are made of very strong tree vine air roots from a swamp in Florida these giant vines do not attach themselves to the trees they merely lay upon the branches and as the tree grows the vines are lifted up higher and higher

They do not feed from each other they coexist in harmony as the tree and the vine become giants the vines grow very long bunches of air roots that hang down these are what Is used to bind the whole thing together

The front back and inside separation pages are made of composition of tree pulp’s almost like congregated card board but a very special blend for strength and longevity

The book is also a photo journal

On the inside separation pages are tied with a very special type of grass pictures of the stone tablets that I etch with the diamond tools I have made and I teach and illustrate upon and with them the stories and poetry of life that hold the lessons and that reveal the morals of life as if these stone tablets and actually they are my black boards

As every Teacher, Professor, Mathematician, Scientist, Physicist and or Scholar must have a black board to Illustrate upon and Teach with

My Stone works others call my art are

my Black Boards I Teach with

The only ones of their kind ever created in the whole world

click here to Gray’Owl’s ART works

The paper I write upon and the pages within the book are very high quality parchment which are a special acid resistant non yellowing semi translucent velum so as to age very very well and last many many life times

I use only black Indian ink to write the words of wisdom with upon the pages

What is held within the pages of this book I have not as yet published

Only a very select few have ever seen or read a little of what is in it

It contains the hidden knowledge of the Ancients that lived long before the time of recorded history as well as the truth of all the most important of knowledge that has been recorded since the writing of the first words of knowledge were began to be recorded

Like a Master Archaeologist

I have sought out and studied things seldom seen by modern man

I have studied under the teachings of Masters from around the globe

Virtually every known religion, the rune stones, ancient scrolls from many many centuries ago

I have copies of certain books and tablets that are so old and fragile at times

I am afraid to even touch them from this knowledge and wisdom

I created my non~profit  /*  Foundation

A Healing and Teaching centre which I have named

the INNER CIRCLE of LIFE centre of

Highest realization of Self.

Symbol of the Foundation of the INNER CIRCLE of LIFE

click here to the INNER CIRCLE of LIFE

There are herbal based exactingly balanced highly complex formulas, that not only are some of the finest treatments for illness but there are total cures for things modern science refers to as incurable

I can treat and rapidly heal and or cure you of any and all types of viral internal and external infections as well as teach you how to prevent them altogether from ” ever ” even happening

I am a master of what I have fathered and refer to as ( essential oilology ) It is the practice where by the use of the purest essence’s of a plant or tree’s, flowers, roots, berries and many other things are steam distilled into a

Super Power Medicine

They contain highly complex blends of natures vitamins, minerals and all known trace elements and the capabilities of their constituents are still as yet not fully understood

They are so highly concentrated that various modern practitioners will tell you to only use

3 or 4 drops of it mixed with 16 ounces of a neutral cold pressed oil foundation

They have the formulas completely misunderstood as they do not know nor do they understand even remotely the immense powers these oils possess

(  As I do )

I have discovered the proper use and blending of these oils

click here to Art of Essential Oils

Contained within this book are the answers to many of the most important global problematic situations

By divine providence I have been shown and seen with my own eye’s these Global calamities

I have also been shown the answers and the methods and actions needed to halt and reverse the effects of many of mankind’s

Global Leadership and blind Scientific miscalculations

Their manipulations of our atmosphere and the Earths resources for the personal gain of a few individuals in the name of


for gold and power

to be continued

Note to self

explain the details of these major problems and lay out the needed steps to take to achieve the answers to them

I love you in so many ways unknown

May the Great Grand Father GOD guide your footsteps

upon the pathway of your life

By Author

Tony Gray’Owl

Adonai Tony Gray’Owl

Has been bathed in the fire of the light as he has stood in the

presence of GOD,

He has become that light as it consumed him alive yet he did not die.

That light now lives forever within his heart of hearts,

and when the need presents itself he can open his heart

and shine like the sun in great splendor as a son . . . of GOD.

O’shukatahe . . . forever. I am yours.

He stands now in the light of GOD’S Love,

He stands alone and holds all that he believes up

and out into the light of public scrutiny.

He stands immovable, as nothing can defeat his faith in God,

he shall not stumble and he shall not fail. He is the rock

that the storms of the oceans of life beat themselves against

endlessly to no avail,

No ~ one

cannot nor will not break his brave spirit nor move him from

this place of his steadfast belief,

He has become the corner stone that the tower of the lighthouse

of the LORD is built upon

a bright star in the vast darkness of a human life, a blazing comet

that shines the way to the safety of the calm harbor of his love.

Freely he pours out his un~conditional Love for all,

Whom ever from where ever find their way to him seeking answers,

help or healing shall be given freely

also of the fountain of knowledge to their fill,

they shall receive a new life

as he can guide them to the un~conditional forgiveness

poured out to us from within the heart of GOD.

OH LORD, may you hear me the voice of this small child crying out

from the wilderness. Please hear my prayer and speak my words to

our Father, The Mysterious Creator of all things known and un~known,

my GOD. Let me say this prayer here today for all mankind.

From the central point where the Light is created within the Depths

of Gods Mind and Heart, the places of creation from where He allows

his light and love to stream fourth into the minds and hearts of men.

May our Lord, Jesus Christ return to earth . . . in his glory.

From the centre of His Heart and Mind of unimaginable powers of

creation where the will of God guides the small wills of men.

The purpose which the Masters know and serve his will, from the

centre which we call the heart of the race of mankind. Let His Love

and Light work its magic and seal the door to where Evil dwells

forever from the eyes of humanity.

Allowing the times of these dark ages to slip quietly into the new

era of pure enlightenment. Not my will, But Your Will be done here

upon Earth, as it is also done in the highest of Heaven.


O’shukatahe   /*    Your humble servant

in the greatest of gratitude for that which we are about to receive

your loving answer to 

my prayer

Tony Gray’Owl March

click to turn the page  /*  Dedication

in the WORDS of GOD, a letter from Tony to everyone.

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5 responses

  1. You pointed some nice topic. These tips are very helpful.

    December 28, 2010 at 1:26 PM

  2. Tony Gray'Owl

    Vijays, the secret lies here right in front of your eyes. do you not see ?

    December 5, 2010 at 3:30 PM

  3. Linda Thornton

    This is most exquisitely wrought and certainly worth much study and attention. Please tell me more. I am in great need of your healing arts Tony Gray Owl. Namaste Master Gray Owl.

    December 2, 2010 at 8:48 AM

  4. Donna Jean

    This is so beautiful.. i hope one day that i will be able to see it in person.. bless you brother from the heart

    November 26, 2010 at 12:09 AM

  5. vijays

    what is the screat which mr tony gray. explore.pl.explain. or send the copy of the book.thank

    November 25, 2010 at 8:46 AM

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