DEDICATION / to the Great Spirit, our Infinite Creator, the Love of my life

As I stood alone in the light of darkness

a shadow passed me by

I turned to see who had touched me so very softly

So tenderly upon my heart

I felt you slip by

WAIT !!!

I have a gift for you

the soft gentle words of the emotions within my heart

I will give to you

It took me a life time too get here

I suppose it was because you were waiting



There on the other side of Eternity

All my Love and a thousand kisses like

butterflies floating all around you


touching your heart

touching your lips

touching you

For you my lovely Creator are the essence of the joy that I spill out into the entirety of the world freely

I give the essence of my self to you

If I were the light

I would surround you in me and make all the dark lonely nights bright

If I were the sun I would be envious of the

brightness of your smile


if I were able to touch you I would never let go

Come with me

Join with me

and I shall with these words spoken ever so softly from within the emotions of my heart speak the poetry of my love whispered sweetly into your heart

I will touch your mind

as no one has ever touched you there before

I will give you my love


I will never take it away

it will be yours forever and a day

All my love and countless kisses

Here take these I believe that they are yours

I give back to you the wings of the angel

that you are

you must have lost them along the journey of

your life having gotten lost in the brilliance of

the light of the world as a human being

I was walking along in a field of beautiful wild

white lilies and nearly tripped over them

I gently picked them up

carried them to my home

I cleansed them with the purity of my Love


take them they are yours

awaken and remember who you are

My Angel

I love you

Who am I you ask?

let me tell you

Who I am is

I am Strong

Stronger than steel mixed with iron

yet melting molten putty in the hot sunlight of your love

for in a single moment

of weakness with a mere glance

into your eyes

you would sway me with the softness of

your __________________ touch

the sweetness of your voice

stirring forgotten emotions from deep within my heart

you would cause to awaken

my Passion

my passion of the love I have for you


floating upon my sea of tranquility

Pure JOY

Quickly pick it up here is the book of my heart

That I thought had been stolen

read me

like an open book

my emotions everything that I am

laid down in written word for all to see

without Shame

I will hold up my beliefs into the light of

public scrutiny

I will not stumble

I will not fall

I will not fail



I am         Standing

Standing alone in wilderness

I began to think

Then ponder

the questions of my life

to all the Lost Souls

Suffering              suffering

in silent darkness


Thinking of Ending it

With mine eyes I have seen

With mine ears I have heard

These are my Words

I was lost

till you gave your love to me

But then you took it away


Standing alone in wilderness


Standing alone in shadows essence of forest


Moonlight lit darkness

Neath the Canopy of that which gives us Life



Standing Alone in Wilderness


By lost Souls






Voices unheard

Pondering the End of it All


Sometimes I Pray for it

Standing                  Standing Alone

I heard the Earth crying


Standing Alone

I heard the Moon Sigh

for it had heard

the Earth cry


Why?        Why?


Sometimes I pray for it.

The cold steel Kiss of the Moon

Meeting the crook of my Neck

Like a long lost Lover

Coaxing me into Comfort


As my finger conforms to the Curve

Pulling the Moment Closer


Inviting the Quiet

the Quiet I sometimes Hunger


Desire it

the Quiet Nothing More

With the Sky all colored Grey

this is what I heard the Earth say

There comes a day that even

I Fear

With merely a clench of my finger
not more than a flinch

just a pull

just a squeeze




Nothing more


Sometimes when the mood takes me as far as it can


I pray for it

the Redemption

My Release

the End


this Plaque

called Humanity

Everything that dies one day comes back

Sometimes I pray for it

Standing alone

did you never ask Why?

Ashes to Ashes

Dust to Dust

You can only Imagine what is to become of us


Standing alone I looked up

and saw a little bird

that glides across the sky

it Sang a song of melody
that made me want to sit right down and cry

I am the Sculptor, that strikes the stone
to reveal the beauty within unknown

I am the Painter that caresses the canvas
to evoke the emotions of deep thought

I am the Poet that works the words
and unimaginable things are taught

I am the potter that works the clay       

things people are made of each and every day

and as this man

I am


Standing alone


Sometimes I pray for it

To touch the very soul of everyone that is within my reach

This is what I would love to teach



I said you

the one reading these words right now

You have the Power

the Wisdom

Gripped tightly in your hand

Deep within your Heart

In the expanse of your Mind

the Ability

To set Free

your love

you gave your love to me and then you took it



what else will you do today?

Have Mercy!

Run to me

Come to me

Look what you’ve done to me!

I was lost till you gave your love to me
but then took it away

Take out the power Kick down the door

and set yourselves


Money cannot buy it baby . . .

Sex cannot buy it baby . . .

Drugs cannot buy it baby . . .

You cannot buy it . . .

My Love is


I believe in Love

is why I do these things for you
I believe in Love alone
Give up your needs these poison seeds

Find a different kind of Free

One that just lets you    Be

Give me the strength to lay it all down
Whispers silent in the night
Let all our dreams go by this is where our prayers are heard

Wipe away your tears and let the salt stains dry

it all goes by      it all goes by

For time will catch us in its hands
to be blown away like grains of sand

So here within My hands I hold the Ability

to set Free

My Love Upon the Earth


Standing Alone

it seems Against the Entire World


Standing Alone in

Vast wilderness



by Countless


Lost Souls

Speeding by

faster ever Faster

Mere Shadows of themselves

Faster ever Faster

in Search

of what can be bought

for this is what they have been taught is




Standing Alone in vast wilderness

I looked inside myself

Standing Alone I Looked inside My Soul

I look inside my Heart


I saw you

I am reaching out to you my Love

upon the Oceans of my belief

I have set sail today out onto the Sea of my Tranquility

A soft and gentle breeze will bring me to


My Angel

Not just any Angel would do

Only You

Only You

My Angel I was guided to you

What am I to do?

Now that I have found You

Should I tell you my Dream?

The Vision of Life

Share with you my Joy

never before known till now

My Joy far beyond compare

this Joy


with you shall share

Not just any Angel

would do

Only You

Listen closely


God loves You

and so do I

Without Reason             Without Rhyme

these are the words of Time

they are mine

My words

Till now unknown


Standing Alone

I looked inside myself

I looked within my Soul

into the deepest Depths of my Heart

I found a precious memory

a love so vast as the midnight sky

a love so deep as the oceans azure blue

I am to live this one true Love

A joy beyond

All knowledge never known

the one seed that I have sown

My seed of Love I now plant

within your heart of hearts

With gentlest kindness Ill tend to it

With tender Loving care

Ill Joyfully watch it grow

Around the world My light does glow

for those of you who disbelieve

Ashe to Ashes


Dust to Dust

this is what must become of us

What is it that you will do today?

What is it that you Believe?

With these thoughts with these words

I Shall Leave My Life in Your Hands

ALL My Love and Kisses to you my

Infinite Great Spirit Father

I believe



From the mind and heart of Tony R. March

NOVEMBER / 29 / 2010

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A Way in which to Achieve the Highest Realization of Self Ever Attained

This is

the BOOK of LIFE

as seen through the eyes of a stranger

by Author ~ Tony Gray’Owl

Native American Cherokee Shaman

Keeper of the secrets of the



This is the BOOK of LIFE

The next photo is a rendering to be permanently attached to the inside of the outer cover of the book

It was inspired of a living dream experienced by Gray’Owl in 1992,

drawn on the backside of a piece of poster board with a stick of graphite this is the original

This is the first page of wisdom exposed from within the book created in 1992

Gray’Owl has been compiling the contents and recording them into this book for decades

The book itself is hand made from the small insignificant pieces of our

Mother Earth

gathered and collected from around the world things most would consider waste

The leaves of the cover are from the rain forest in South America

The bindings are made of very strong tree vine air roots from a swamp in Florida these giant vines do not attach themselves to the trees they merely lay upon the branches and as the tree grows the vines are lifted up higher and higher

They do not feed from each other they coexist in harmony as the tree and the vine become giants the vines grow very long bunches of air roots that hang down these are what Is used to bind the whole thing together

The front back and inside separation pages are made of composition of tree pulp’s almost like congregated card board but a very special blend for strength and longevity

The book is also a photo journal

On the inside separation pages are tied with a very special type of grass pictures of the stone tablets that I etch with the diamond tools I have made and I teach and illustrate upon and with them the stories and poetry of life that hold the lessons and that reveal the morals of life as if these stone tablets and actually they are my black boards

As every Teacher, Professor, Mathematician, Scientist, Physicist and or Scholar must have a black board to Illustrate upon and Teach with

My Stone works others call my art are

my Black Boards I Teach with

The only ones of their kind ever created in the whole world

click here to Gray’Owl’s ART works

The paper I write upon and the pages within the book are very high quality parchment which are a special acid resistant non yellowing semi translucent velum so as to age very very well and last many many life times

I use only black Indian ink to write the words of wisdom with upon the pages

What is held within the pages of this book I have not as yet published

Only a very select few have ever seen or read a little of what is in it

It contains the hidden knowledge of the Ancients that lived long before the time of recorded history as well as the truth of all the most important of knowledge that has been recorded since the writing of the first words of knowledge were began to be recorded

Like a Master Archaeologist

I have sought out and studied things seldom seen by modern man

I have studied under the teachings of Masters from around the globe

Virtually every known religion, the rune stones, ancient scrolls from many many centuries ago

I have copies of certain books and tablets that are so old and fragile at times

I am afraid to even touch them from this knowledge and wisdom

I created my non~profit  /*  Foundation

A Healing and Teaching centre which I have named

the INNER CIRCLE of LIFE centre of

Highest realization of Self.

Symbol of the Foundation of the INNER CIRCLE of LIFE

click here to the INNER CIRCLE of LIFE

There are herbal based exactingly balanced highly complex formulas, that not only are some of the finest treatments for illness but there are total cures for things modern science refers to as incurable

I can treat and rapidly heal and or cure you of any and all types of viral internal and external infections as well as teach you how to prevent them altogether from ” ever ” even happening

I am a master of what I have fathered and refer to as ( essential oilology ) It is the practice where by the use of the purest essence’s of a plant or tree’s, flowers, roots, berries and many other things are steam distilled into a

Super Power Medicine

They contain highly complex blends of natures vitamins, minerals and all known trace elements and the capabilities of their constituents are still as yet not fully understood

They are so highly concentrated that various modern practitioners will tell you to only use

3 or 4 drops of it mixed with 16 ounces of a neutral cold pressed oil foundation

They have the formulas completely misunderstood as they do not know nor do they understand even remotely the immense powers these oils possess

(  As I do )

I have discovered the proper use and blending of these oils

click here to Art of Essential Oils

Contained within this book are the answers to many of the most important global problematic situations

By divine providence I have been shown and seen with my own eye’s these Global calamities

I have also been shown the answers and the methods and actions needed to halt and reverse the effects of many of mankind’s

Global Leadership and blind Scientific miscalculations

Their manipulations of our atmosphere and the Earths resources for the personal gain of a few individuals in the name of


for gold and power

to be continued

Note to self

explain the details of these major problems and lay out the needed steps to take to achieve the answers to them

I love you in so many ways unknown

May the Great Grand Father GOD guide your footsteps

upon the pathway of your life

By Author

Tony Gray’Owl

Adonai Tony Gray’Owl

Has been bathed in the fire of the light as he has stood in the

presence of GOD,

He has become that light as it consumed him alive yet he did not die.

That light now lives forever within his heart of hearts,

and when the need presents itself he can open his heart

and shine like the sun in great splendor as a son . . . of GOD.

O’shukatahe . . . forever. I am yours.

He stands now in the light of GOD’S Love,

He stands alone and holds all that he believes up

and out into the light of public scrutiny.

He stands immovable, as nothing can defeat his faith in God,

he shall not stumble and he shall not fail. He is the rock

that the storms of the oceans of life beat themselves against

endlessly to no avail,

No ~ one

cannot nor will not break his brave spirit nor move him from

this place of his steadfast belief,

He has become the corner stone that the tower of the lighthouse

of the LORD is built upon

a bright star in the vast darkness of a human life, a blazing comet

that shines the way to the safety of the calm harbor of his love.

Freely he pours out his un~conditional Love for all,

Whom ever from where ever find their way to him seeking answers,

help or healing shall be given freely

also of the fountain of knowledge to their fill,

they shall receive a new life

as he can guide them to the un~conditional forgiveness

poured out to us from within the heart of GOD.

OH LORD, may you hear me the voice of this small child crying out

from the wilderness. Please hear my prayer and speak my words to

our Father, The Mysterious Creator of all things known and un~known,

my GOD. Let me say this prayer here today for all mankind.

From the central point where the Light is created within the Depths

of Gods Mind and Heart, the places of creation from where He allows

his light and love to stream fourth into the minds and hearts of men.

May our Lord, Jesus Christ return to earth . . . in his glory.

From the centre of His Heart and Mind of unimaginable powers of

creation where the will of God guides the small wills of men.

The purpose which the Masters know and serve his will, from the

centre which we call the heart of the race of mankind. Let His Love

and Light work its magic and seal the door to where Evil dwells

forever from the eyes of humanity.

Allowing the times of these dark ages to slip quietly into the new

era of pure enlightenment. Not my will, But Your Will be done here

upon Earth, as it is also done in the highest of Heaven.


O’shukatahe   /*    Your humble servant

in the greatest of gratitude for that which we are about to receive

your loving answer to 

my prayer

Tony Gray’Owl March

click to turn the page  /*  Dedication

in the WORDS of GOD, a letter from Tony to everyone.

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Lesson Three  /*   I wonder what you’ll see

Just one of Gray'Owl's many dreams and vision's

I awoke in a vision late last night

It seemed my soul had taken flight

To somewhere far from my sight

To a place where I could see my words

these flickering flames of my desire

Burning just out of sight

I found myself amongst darkness lit

to where my soul had taken flight

To reveal from within my own heart this plight


To feel the experience of loves heat as it molds my heart

these memories that glimmer in the dark


How do you save the words that fan the flames of a heart’s broken memories

of the pain that never departs


These memories that burn deep within this fires flames

attempt to consume my very heart


My GOD where do I start


A sweet soft ghostly whisper griped me in its icy fingers

as the fiery fire of my memories still linger


It used to be my favorite place these memories that even time cannot erase


How do we replace with loving kindness


These dusty dreams and broken past

how long will it all last running running from the past


It seems that everyone passes through

yet no one seems to stick around seemingly always so all alone


Every moment it seems the end of the road is so far away

where is the shelter from loves storms


So many people come and go yet even time can never change

the you I’ve come to know forever and a day


Why do lovers drift apart when two pieces of a broken heart

sometimes mend again


I will never say good bye


These memories of once upon a time

I know there will come a day where you also will believe again


How does Love fade away as your crying in the dark

do not fear what you will find when you turn the light on


What keeps you from gathering up the pieces of a broken life

these tiny little pieces the circle your life


Come back to haunt you to haunt you

why do lovers lives drift apart because these memories kept within your heart


My love I gave it all to you now here from deep within the dark

I find myself crying crying all alone


Living on the verge of tears so afraid of my fears

trying not to love you like I love you




In the darkness of this night so very long feeling so lonely

how long do I have to be so sad and blue


Let me love you like I love you picking up these pieces of our broken hearts

Let me love you the way I love you


It takes a little time sometimes

who’s this in the mirror looking back at me a river of tears rolling down


Well it may not be over in the morning just let me hold you in my arms

I can heal this day with my love if you would but let me


To find the safety of losing these broken memories into time give me a feeling

I’ve never felt before now


Cry a river

Flood the sea

Cry a river over me

Into the oceans of my life held within my own two hands

My Love Knows no Bonderies

Maybe one day I could turn it all around


If my love for you lost in this darkness could one day be found


Have you ever wondered why we cry at night

with blinded eyes so very far from the crystal light


To feel our tears to face our fears from deep within this desperate plight

to pick up the pieces and mend


A broken heart




Where do we start

From somewhere near deep within



Is to be found that place


We laid it down


Maybe one day we can wipe away these tears

throw away these fears and make a brand new start


Perhaps the largest of these fears to forget the memory of those tears

and the pain of this broken




We are all the same it seems behind blind eyes


Broken promises and lost dreams

many Fears

even many more Tears


With desperate cry I turn to face my fears

and reach out from my tears

To where   ~    Hope   ~    can be found


Maybe one day I can turn it all around


Maybe one day I can turn the whole world around


It was as if a bolt of lightening struck me right out of a clear blue sky

This pain this fear I cannot deny


For it is a sure thing that life



I said life is a most curious thing


Every road that’s traveled


Leads me back to you its a dance its a song or two

its all a part of letting go


Every road I travel


Teaches me something new

We never lose our love

We simply give it away

Simply let it go


Maybe one day it will come back to you

After all its not that far to where loves hope can be found


So Ill tell you one more time

I give all my love to you

All you have to do is look upon the ground

To the place where you laid it down

Pick up the pieces and mend your broken heart


That is where we



All my Love as a thousand kisses

Like butterflies Touching

Touching your Lips

Touching your Heart

With my Heart

as this is what I do



I reach out from my tears

Lay down all my fears

Maybe one day

I can turn the whole world around




Just a few words from an old wise man from some cosmic space where this all takes place

What Lessons did you find tightly woven into the fabric of this insight

Did you find yourself there within my words your life exposed

Pick up the pieces lets mend your broken heart

As I know where to start

turn the page /*  see whats next

words softly spoken from one heart to another from so far away

Like a butterfly that breaks free the cocoon of darkness

and soars silently into the Light of day


Bursts forth out of

the BOOK of LIFE

shedding its light   * the darkness now lit

Ahhhhh ! this is where I write about


A brand new opportunity

Gray’Owl takes a deep breath and listening intently he hears softly spoken words

from a far off distant heart

Whispering words with deep meanings of inspiration

and great understanding then with the wisdom of ultimate truth

he then speaks the words out loud

Placing them into power

i am                    

I am . . . . . . . .

I AM ~

I am a bridge between two great nations

I have paid the price of it with my life

To become the person that I am right now

and yes it was worth the price I paid

( pausing for a moment )

Taking another deep breath brushing aside his tears and continues

I have inherited our past and will continue to manifest our future

As for all that really matters is what

* WE *

Do in this solitary moment

For that is really all that we have

Is the here and now

this single infinite lonely moment

A leaf unfolds to expose its heart of wisdom

as I enter from the East

because I am not from the earth

I am of it

Another day has dawned a new beginning

Things unknown just beyond your sight

The Chinook winds blow from the South

I find a new beginning like the life giving fresh new blades of grass pushing up

through the melting snow

Like a spring flower another day blossoms

Filling the Air with its enticing essence

a fresh new opportunity opens to us all

This opportunity

to do that which is


Righteous and True

As I turn again and head West

I become a caterpillar like a small child crawling then suddenly

spinning   twirling   changing


It is here in the silent void of the cocoon of life

That I find where the answers ring of truth

and the LIGHT of WISDOM

Bursts Forth

(((( emerging butterfly ))))

The bright star beckons me North

To where truth cries out from the frozen wilderness

and I can feel the cold winds of change carrying me

like the blustery winds that blow across the prairie

Lifting carrying Flying Soaring

Straight up

Above to the place of perfection

Of Balance within the Beauty of Honor

A place called Love

in the lands of Dreams and whispered Prayers

Thus returning to the East

The Circle now Complete

Another new beginning

the Circle of Life

Is made complete

once walked

Beginning ~ to ~ Beginning

When I look Below

Gratitude floods my Soul

As I gaze upon the splendor of the Earth

now knowing a Higher Understanding



Cannot destroy our Mother the Earth

They possess only the ability to destroy

Each Other

I have shed my tears for them

These Archaic   Barbaric   People

Living in the dark ages of our times

Today’s modern civilized global society leading each other down the road of

Hateful   Greedy   Destruction

It is not too late


Turn around and see the

Light !

COME !!!

Come close and listen too me

I have blazed a new trail

One that leads to where

Hope Floats

We can begin again and change the world for each day as the sun rises just as I emerged

From the East

Another opportunity is given to do the right thing

to make the right choice to become that better person to live your dreams in reality

Together we can change everything

Come take my hand and walk with me

I shall not lead you anywhere

We shall simply see where these foot prints lead

a Brand New Tomorrow


Can you hear these softly spoken words

From my heart so distant yet so true ?

inspired by the words from the heart of Monique Cochran.

Namaste, Adonai Tony Gray’Owl

Do you SEE ?

Shall we go on

turn the page  /*  the Light

Spiritual Enlightenment into the /* UN ~ Realized.

Lesson TWO  /* are you sure you are done with Lesson ONE


Welcome to all Fellow traveling Seekers of Inspired Knowledge and Wisdom


To each living soul that finds there way here

Too this one tiny spot in the entirety of the cosmos

That stands alone

Are you seeking / things unknown

or answers to questions that haunt you

From within the inspired mind and heart of


is exposed a trail or pathway that will lead you to that which you are seeking

Are you willing to follow in the footsteps he has left for you to discover

Within Him lives the

Wisdom of the Ancients

even though they are gone now from this earthly plain of existence

They live on as they are alive still in Gray’Owl’s heart

These were the first living souls that inhabited this small speck of dust amongst all the worlds far beyond normal accepted human comprehension

Although the Ancient ones are gone now thought to be extinct

Which is not the case they have merely evolved and moved on to the next higher levels of experience into realization into self

As for here upon this plain of existence the Wisdom they learned and left behind for us is kept safely stored in Gray’Owl’s heart and mind

As He is not so much their descendant

He is not the last of the Ancients

What He is   ~   is their

Spiritual essence left behind to be inspired into word

He has become the voice of this entire nation of people the very first human beings to have incarnated and lived upon this planet

These people their living spiritual essence’s are crying out to everyone from the wilderness teaching revealing to all that will stop their busy life for a moment become centered and become very very quiet and listen

Their voices so very soft and gentle if you are thinking of a cool drink of water your thoughts are to loud and you cannot hear them

The simplicity of a human life incarnate and the true purpose of it is what you would hear drifting silently into your mind if you would simply listen

Gray’Owl keeps alive the living essence these words handed down through time taught orally in secret by the great ones that have lived here before us

He is here to pass down to pass on this vast unimaginable expanse of unknown knowledge and wisdom far beyond the reach’s or even the grasp of modern Science and Teachers teaching what is thought to be true

Yes even the religious Leaders of this world cannot teach you what you will find written here

At the very


of center itself

What He has created for you



If you wish to learn to live a life of inner peace with an incredible amount of outer


which can only truly be found in the

Shamanistic way of life

you must first become as the


I understand many of you that visit me here at my centre are skilled teachers yet we so often find that the


Must once again become the student one more time in their life ~ time

So as to become the very best of teacher’s that one can become

I am always the eager student ~ Always

I do not ever wish to be thought of as an egotistical man to be bowed down to or even looked up to and even less whoreshiped as some seem to think as they have passed through here

I am merely a man

A man of simple means a man of simple needs

Yet I am a very powerful soul possessing inspired insights so vast many find it difficult to comprehend the mere simplicity of the highly complex teachings I have woven into the lessons you will find here within the

Stories of Life and Poetry of Love

Many may not or do not possess just yet the ability too seek out and

* SEE *

The hidden meanings placed here openly in the lessons given here as they are near impossible to follow except for those of highly inspired minds and even more difficult are the nearly impossible to find and follow lessons woven into the hidden lesson discovered within each lesson

As the more enlightened you become the more lesson’s even within the lesson’s found within the original lesson revealed to you will you find the

Greatest of Wisdom’s

I am willing to be your guide to these things gently guiding you to them these heavenly earth – bound treasures so to say

That you can discover no ~ where else on earth

I ask nothing in return other than perhaps your respect for the life time devoted to remembering things forgotten which brought these teachings here to you at this precise moment and place in time otherwise you would not be here reading these words right now

I have traveled far beyond the reaches of even the most brilliant of minds and imaginations

I have walked lifetimes of humility in the steps of many teachers as the student of many many



From nearly all walks of life and beliefs to have at last reached this level of elevated understanding and arrive here as a

Master Teacher of life /* Myself

Yet I am also the always listening always watchful eager student the pupil

doe’s not only become the master teacher

as even better yet he is the master student

We are forever the pupil as there is always another new lesson to study

to learn the inner depths of and apply to ones own life the teachings and the wisdom’s extracted from each lesson of life

I have found hidden lessons inside of lessons taught by others that the teacher of the lesson had never discovered no matter how many times the Teacher so to say looked at the lesson and then taught it as they understood it to be

Yes I know it is hard to comprehend that there are lessons to be found inside of lessons inside of a lesson that is inside the outer most beginning


that is Being revealed or taught to you

It only depends on how far you can see

Not beyond the horizon with your eyes

You must be able to see within to the within of everything in your mind

To the CENTRE of Center

To realize like our Scientists and Wise Men of old and now today Modern Science attempt to figure things out through applied mathematics

Yes this wonderful nearly limitless concept holds clues to things but is not the answer to the question merely a basic direction of focused thought

Here let me give to you the most


mathematical equation

conceivable to the human mind at its current level of understanding

Look closely

I will break down to the highest of genius concepts conceived the most complex

of all Equations

Simplified to Infinity

This is the equation

I = U.

If you do not get this most basic of concepts

Yet at the same time the most advanced understanding of higher self

read on into the


or simply begin again at the beginning

There you will find the pathways into the understanding of these things beyond mans limited sight

When you have reached the beginning  point the true understanding of your first lesson

which is what you are seeking

WE together shall take the next step into the hidden power of the light

that leads the way to

Self       ~  In  ~       Lightenment

Do you see the meaning of that

WE shall begin this new journey upon the pathway of your new life together

An epic adventure beyond all other things ever thought to be known much less


A complete total realization


I will give to you the clue to the understanding of this mathematical wonder

I will calculate it for you once more

To simplicity itself


Here is the Answer

>>>>——->     1     <——-<<<<

What is the question


Or even better yet

What is the mental mathematical calculations

That opens the heart and clears the mind enabling you to find and see clearly

The final conclusion which once seen brings you here to this ultimate answer

the understanding of the

Complexity of Simplicity

The deepest and Ultimately highest of the understanding of wisdom and full


into Self

Do ~ YOU ~ See

what has just been stated

What was the first lesson

How many lessons have you discovered

How many times did you stop reading and Think

How many times did you read something more than ONE time

I would suggest perhaps you should begin again


Shall we go onward

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A Person of true Enlightenment

Has learned how to

Enlighten / Illuminate / Elevate 

others to the true understanding of


Having attained this level of self realization have themselves now become


too the highest of understanding possible to achieve as a human being

With this knowledge they then choose their pathway into life with applied wisdom

A life that begins from deep within their very own heart of heart’s

and then follows this pathway into wisdom thereby leading by living


When you have reached this ultimate place where this pathway into life leads

” YOU ”

will then pause for a moment

looking back and pondering at the tracks that they have left behind for others to follow and laughs out loud rejoicing in the memories of whom they have now become.

For then they have seen with their own eye’s and mind through having lived the experience of the very essence of ones life in motion and have come to the highest of realizations of


Now understanding that perhaps their life’s efforts seemingly gone unseen has in some unknown way made a small difference for the betterment of humanity in this the world that we all share and live in

They now know that their life as well as all others lives will be over altogether too soon

They then have realized through understanding that they themselves as well as

anyone, everyone and everything else

Is not going anywhere any time soon

They now know because they have seen with their own eyes have heard with their own ears and have understood within their own mind that nothing is more


than anything else

We all may then come to the full understanding

that we the human beings all around the earth regardless of

Color, Ethnicity, Origin

of birth are all undeniably


That we are all one and the same behind our eyes that seem to look out with such awful judgment of others

Put away these judgmental opinions of others in this highest of understanding that We


Everyone !

In other words

A living person of truest Wisdom


no needs, no honor, no dignity, no ego, no family, no name, no country

They then understand fully that there is only

life to be lived peacefully/joyfully lovingly compassionately as did

Christ Jesus our Lord

that walked amongst us and taught all others that under

these circumstances their only tie to our fellow human beings


The self inspired dedication

To offer by


The way to everyone that leads too this lonely bitter ~ sweet path that creates inner Peace and a human life lived within the expanse of possibilities far beyond the everyday grind and to live a life filled to over-spilling with


To show everyone how to walk along the pathway of ones life in shining beautiful glory of

the LAW of      ONE

Which is the love we all each and every one of us receives

” from ”


Freely Un-conditionally Always

He is with you

In all you do everywhere you go

He is by your side watching over you

Loving you

in ways you may never truly understand

Namaste, from  the heart and mind of

Tony Gray Owl

to all that find their way to these words

For surely you also are blessed

by the hand of




There is a saying which goes like this


The pathways of life with all feet I walk,

Through the use of all mouths I speak

My truths

All minds are mine to inspire

If one leaf falls does the whole tree die?

Do you see

If living in one body gives so much joy

Then living in two would be even better

Within three even far better grandeur would be experienced

Just imagine the splendor of living


If I can enjoy the Entirety of the

Universal  /*  Cosmos

Then you may also

Today I wish for you to enjoy the whole of



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