in the words of GOD . . . part two.

Why do you scoff at the thought of being spoken to by

“ Me your God ”

I AM performing a

“ Miracle ”

right now as you read these words.

I am not only speaking to you,

but to every person who “has” and “will”

be led to these written words and are reading them right now.

I know who every one of you are

I know who will find their way to these words.

I know that there are those of you,

who will listen and hear every thing I am saying.

The rest of you will listen but be unable to hear anything.

I have established laws in the universe that make it possible for you to have – to create – exactly what ever you choose.

These laws cannot be violated.

Nor can they be ignored.

You cannot.


Follow my laws.

For they have been established firmly for all time;

You cannot step aside from them.

You cannot operate out side of them.

You would not even exist with out these laws.

This is one of My laws.

My “ Law of Promise’s ”

is to give to you what ever you

“ Ask ”

in gratitude for what you are about to receive.

The rest of you, who do not ask in gratitude,

I give also as you wish,

you how ever will probably not like the way it turns out,

as you have exercised

one of “ My ” other gifts

called free will and have chosen to go it alone.

You’re “ Promise ” to “ Me ” is simply to,

“ Ask ”

in gratitude for what you are about to


Enjoy your life and all the wonders it has to offer you.

Stop worrying, when can you recall a single moment in your entire life?

That you have not had some-thing to wear,

something to eat,

some place to sleep.

It may not have been up to you’re expected or taught standards,

but your needs were fulfilled.

Put your faith in


I will always surpass your basic needs with out you ever having to ask for them,

your faith from this moment of the true understanding of


this crucial turning point in your life can and will create the great

“Abundance” that you desire.

Simply ask in gratitude for that which you are “about” to receive.

You are the garden of paradise that I created on earth

Do you not see ?


are the garden that I planted the seeds of my love into the eternal heart of humanity,

I meant for you to cultivate each other

to tend to each others hearts out of this love and compassion,

to cultivate your-self with all the simple things the abundant essence of nature, the world around you.

You do not live in a home

that house is only a place where you keep your stuff.

You are your home,

where ever you are,

you are at home,

your home

is your heart where your soul lives

For your soul is who you are,

your body is merely what you are,

and for your spirit, that is

“ Me ”

being with you always, forever and a day

Where ever you are who ever is beside you at this spectacular moment these are your


each living soul that surrounds you

I am also that ONE

do as to them as you would do unto

“ Me ”

and I will be well pleased with you

Here is a subject that brings me no pleasure.

Who taught you that I am going to punish you for doing what you do?

I gave you free will, do as you please.

I have no need to punish you in any way for any conceivable reason.

You have chosen and will choose the way of your life with each and every decision you make at every moment of your life.

Your life is yours

to do with as you wish.

That is the purpose the reason I gave you

Free Will

Of course I would be exquisitely pleased if you where to base and live your whole life on the principles of

“My”  “Love”

I will never force you to do anything,

that is the beauty of My Love,

you are free to do as you “Wish”,

just be careful what you wish “for”.

Likewise in your prayers,

you must come to the full understandings of how that works as well.

I will explain it this way,

if you pray and ask for some thing that you


that is exactly what you will receive,

the experience of Wanting it,

you did not ask to receive something,

you are asking to ( “want” ) something.

So you literally get to “want it”

that is what you asked for.

Do you get it?

Do you see what I mean,

the understanding of the power of thought and the words you chose to use in the way you used them.

I have given you the power,

it is up to you as to how you use it or not.

Yes I said

“ Not ”

as most of you are completely blind to the fact that you hold in your own two hands the power to create your life in any fashion in any form in any way you choose

Most of you think your life is crap so that is what you create a

Life of Crap

Change your mind at any time and create what you are really seeking

The paradise that is in

“ You ”

you must first find


and come to the conclusion that heaven is not some where up in the sky,

you must realize that Heaven is in you as I am also,

now that you are standing in paradise exercise your free will,


“ My ”  ” Love “

and set it free

break the bonds of self imposed hard ship.

Take the power and set your self free !!!

Learn the principles of My Love

and apply them to Your life.

Watching and Waiting

for some one who understands


Why has it taken so long?

Soon you will see me. I will be all around you.

Watching and waiting, for some one who understands me.

I hope it won’t be to long…

This promise of God is that you

“are” his son,

her offspring,

more than the mere likeness, equal.

You recoil at being called his equal?

It’s too much to accept,

to much Bigness, to much wonderment,

to much responsibility.

So when you come to understand,

when you realize,

what has just been revealed to you,

when you can grasp the depth the vast

encompassing expanse

and the meaning of it all.

You will now know that all along,

no one was,

or nothing is,

being done to you.

All things are being created by

“ You ”

Your thoughts are what you are,

your words the essence of your life.

Do you hear that?

That quiet little rustle of a sound.

Can you hear it? That sound.

What joy is that?

That my child is the sound of unconditional


I can tell you this.

That understanding “My” basic principles of truth and Love is the key of



the KEY of LIFE

Applying them in your daily life turns the Lock unto the doorway of true


All that you see in your world is the outcome of your inward projections of your outward perceptions of your inner most central basic thoughts and misconceptions of your life.

Do you really want your life to truly transform?

Change the way you think about it,

change the way you perceive, you!

First, Think… which is where creation begins.

Then, Speak… which is how you place creating into power.

Then simply become that which “you” have thought and

re ~ created yourself to be.

“My” heaven is in you,

I am in you,

whatever you


is your reality.

What ever you decide is your destiny.

What ever thoughts you linger on are the very creative forces you set in motion blindly.

Learn the simple basic principles of “My” love

given to you freely from Me.

Not your love for me.

It is the” unconditional  Love from Me”

The love I have for you,

the love I give to you.

You have the power to set your self free,

go ahead use these keys.

To Hell with it, kick down the door,

step through and


Become the light.

This is “Me”.

I am the light. I am the truth. I am the way.

There is no other.

I conceived Heaven… Flourishing on Earth;

They put “My” word to death, for what” He” came to say.

From this you’ve said, that everyone must pay.

What is the price? If it were to be bought.

This insanity, which you’ve all, fought.

Or is it just this vicious thought?

That down through time… you have all been…



Out of, the Light


comes the darkness this shadowed affect.

In the deepest darkest regions, of the mind, lies this darkness that makes you feel blind.

Its silent fear, grips your heart, from these things you must “Depart”.

From the darkness of each night, always dawns a new day. Step out from these shadows and just walk away.

From within these darkest moments, comes the most profound of insights.

Gather you strength, from within this darkest of nights. To conquer total freedom from fears grip held so tight.

Shatter its fragile grasp forever with the power of insight, now knowing it wields no power in the brightness of our light.

Darkness… a mere shadow, which only stems outward from the light, eternal you are freed from its worthless plight.

What is your deepest, darkest, most inner kept secret?

I know with out your knowledge,

I understand with out it said.

I will again reveal to you within these words already spoken so long ago.

So simple a truth and yet still unknown.

Christ, your savior.

My spoken word, that lived amongst in days of old left this lesson to be learned and yet so very few have heard,

the wisdom the way to escape the feelings of being all alone.

Again this lesson I will unfold

if you will simply take the time to behold.

Here is this truth so simply said

this is how you escape from being the living dead.

This is my word that is being written down,

the escape route that’s so seldom found.

This direction you must take, if not followed is your mistake.

You’ve come to me and asked Lord show us the way.

Listen closely to what I have to say, your life can be saved on this day.

The question you asked me is this one, how do we receive forgiveness from our God?

I told you before now I’ll tell you again, this is how to be forgiven of your sin.

It begins with this tiny smallest of acts, but of this I assure you is the truest of facts.

Now as you stand praying your prayers to me.

It all begins with you don’t you see?

First you must forgive every one, neighbor, father, mother, daughter and son. Everyone bar none, which ironically includes YOU.

Of any and all, yes for everything, anything, which anyone has ever done.

If you first do not forgive yourself and then them and I mean everyone!

Then you will have tied the Fathers hands who is in heaven, thus there is only one thing he can do and that is likewise, not to forgive you.

Do you see the meaning of this?

Again it is you wielding the power in your own hands.

Now if you can find it held tight in your heart let it go, forgive all the others and then we may start.

Here is the prayer to set yourself free and allows you simply to be

Forgiven, isn’t that your wish?

Dear Father, God of all Gods, to you who are in heaven I send you this prayer. I pray that you will hear me and understand what I am trying to say. I am seeking your forgiveness and I think I have found the right way.

To my brothers and sisters to all who have been, to all that there is and who will ever be, this of course includes “me”.

I forgive myself which is so very hard to do. I wish to share this gift of wisdom that I have found with you.

I give to you my forgiveness for everything no matter how small. Out of my own free will this comes to you and its judgment so sound.

With this done and accomplished Father I pray,

please forgive me likewise on this holy day.

I am so grateful to be your son to you I give all power glory and praise.

For ever in great gratitude my prayer comes.

To our Lord and Savior I have heard and

I listened to what you had said, this is the way that I spoke of to keep you from becoming the living dead.

Thank you Father, Amen.

Now with sternest of warning

I will add this

You Wield the Power only you can resist.

I  will lead you to the beauty of discovery as you are about to look into my heart

with the soft words of my voice I shall paint pictures in your mind and move your heart to great joy.

There is so much that I have to share

I feel so very blessed amongst men

This is the simplicity of life, the wonders of nature,

Mother Earth.

The profound insight into


and the plan he has for mankind

I would like to share with you another of those grand wisdom’s that are kept alive in my heart and soul and what my journey in life is

From Red Noble Man a Lakota wise man, it goes like this

When I go up on the hill to pray

I don’t just talk to GOD

I try to get the talking over quick

Mostly I’m listening

Listening to GOD – that’s praying too

You’ve got to listen


is talking to you right now

He’s telling you all the words you’ve got to say

He’s telling you where to go

and all the things you’ve got to do in this life

If you don’t listen you don’t hear what

GOD is saying

and then you don’t know what

GOD wants you to say… go or do

So that’s how you pray too GOD


I’ve read the words that has been said that you have only the wind as your guide

If you listen,

and look very closely with great Patience

the wind can show you many things

it will tell you that a storm is on the horizon

it can tell you which season it is simply by the feel of it on your skin

it can cool you in a moment of summers heat

It is one of the greatest signs that


has given to man one of the

Master lessons of Faith

You must think long and hard to understand this

We all know that the wind is there yet we can not see it

The wind is the air that we breath a gift from

GOD the breath of life itself

how wonderful a gift

Yet how do we know it is there when it is so very still?

Simply we KNOW it is

we believe with out doubt

nor do we question its existence

when it picks up the loose thing’s laying around and yes even the thing’s we think are attached and hurls them about spinning out of control it can even fill you with fear


invisibility SEEN

How can you not know it is there

Yes we simply believe without doubt

as we know certainly the air is there completely

Invisible to our eyes

yet without doubt we know it exists

That to is the way we must be with

GOD also

we must simply believe and it is so

We cannot define Him

He’s not actually a man or woman

a he or a she

we must use these kinds of words because you just cannot say


GOD is never an IT

GOD is the great mysterious

Buddha, Allah, Jehovah

no matter what you call him

HE is the great spirit

the creator the greatest mystery known to man for all of time as we know it and we are his


his little angel’s all of us we must simply believe

Perhaps you could try this

I tell people this way

first you must stop looking out with your eye’s and seeing all those people walking around with their



You must first look inside

to the place that GOD wrote the word of truth on each of our hearts with his own hand

Do you understand what this means

WE all have been touched by the hand of God

before we were ever even born

we are blessed

When you find this place

the holiest of place’s on earth

Your heart which is the home of your soul

sit down right in the middle of it

picture the medicine wheel

the circle of life and you are the center of it

like the sun is the center of our universe

like God the center of the cosmos itself

Become centered and quietly meditate

picture your self totally surrounded by a soft wonderful light



see it bright and clean and clear

if you find the simple balance that I speak of you will see the palate of the rainbow in your light

picture yourself floating at the very center of the circle facing south

here is where you go when something negative is in your heart or something really bad has happened

all you have to do is picture yourself taking hold of it in your hand these negative effects and

LOOK ! you will see!

a Tiny little thread of light

pure power pure energy

now along this your inner most connection

offer this negativity to God

send it to him right to the center of the cosmos

God will take that bad power and cleanse it recreating it into twice as much good energy then send it back to you, the more bad you collect and send to God the more good returns too you.

While you meditate the thoughts and emotions this place will raise to your consciousness, when you have found the balance, the harmony, this place of pure peace so tranquil

LOVE rule’s here and only LOVE !

the simplicity of God’s plan.

Now you have the power . . .

You can then look out from there, not with your

{ Eye’s }

but rather with your

{ Heart }

and you will see all these Beautiful People these Living Souls walking around

What if ???

Heaven was all around us…

but could only be seen through the eye’s of a child.

Have you heard the wise words of Jesus

He said,

you must first become as a child to understand the meaning of his words the truth of Heaven and GOD.

I think

” NO”

I know what it means.

Can you no longer hear that quiet little voice with-in, telling you before it happens what is right and what is wrong.

That is God talking to you,

if you stop talking quiet every thought and LISTEN. . .

this is what he is saying, that

{ “Heaven” }


all around us… we are the Heaven God speaks of

All we have to do is Listen.

Have you grown up, and become blinded by the brilliance of the world ?

Or are you that little child ?

the one that See’s the angel’s ?

I am that little child, every where I go children cling to me, they fuss over which will sit on my lap they stand in line to hug and kiss me, even in a room full of others they come to me, as I travel around every where I go the children look and smile and wave at me they know that I know that little child that knows


and if we look out with the power of the


not of, but


we will see that truly this is paradise heaven on earth.

Do I sound like a preacher…

That I am not…

I do not have a podium that I stand behind to scream and yell at you to fill you with fear, so I can get my hand’s into your pocket.

That is the way of the world, just another scam The government beats you down holding your life in a death grip on your wallet, and the religion’s try to keep you scared to death that you are going to die and go to hell, yes we are going to die, but only the body dies not our spirit.

So you see I am simply a guide, a messenger sent to show the way,

I have walked the many path’s in life,

I have lived , loved

and yes I have lost,

but I remembered that we own nothing,

it is simply for our sustenance and pleasure, for us to respect and care for our

Mother the Earth. . .

from dust to dust that “is” the way it is, pure and simple,

My Grand adventure began with this revelation. . . my great journey. . . to find this

{ ONE }

single solitaire small simple little pathway, the path I am on standing proudly in the light for all to see my light,

the light of


and the Love I receive from GOD,

I stand as a beacon so you will not stumble in the darkness along the path I am standing at the doorway to the center of the cosmos, to the place that he lives, GOD . . .

Wankan Tanka the greatest artist and creator for all time.

From here you can walk right up to the face of God and he will look into your heart and you will be born again,

as that little child, you will be filled to over flowing with his wonderful LOVE and be given over to understanding…

the knowledge…

the wisdom of the Ancients,

these people where here , they are the first tribe of people to have been born into life as we are, but they are extinct and their knowledge and wisdom has been all but forgotten,

These are the thing’s that will set you FREE ! ! !

Until recently, most people never even knew they ever existed !

but now there is something happening . . .

there is something in the air,

a movement towards the remembering.

We must all remember.

Let me tell you a little story out of my life.

I was approached by a very old native American medicine man, He came right up to me and asked, what tribe are you from ? I looked at him and answered, Cherokee.

He stepped back thought for a moment and said too me, while shaking his head no he said, NOPE !

I thought , then said , I have always felt like the Cheyenne they call themselves the human being’s, they treated even their captured enemies so well that when turned loose they wanted to stay and become part of the society.

Again he stepped back and went into a deep thought, He then stepped right up close to me, looking me right in the heart into my soul, and said. . .

NOPE. . .

YOU . . .

you are the descendant of the Ancients, they were the first,they are the Holiest of all who have ever lived, they walked this earth side by side with GOD himself and talked with him in great understanding in all thing’s, but they are extinct now.

I was a little dumb founded, I thought for a moment and said I know a lot of the tribe’s of people’s but I have never heard of them, the Ancients, I asked him, I said tell me what you know

how can “I” be the descendant of an extinct tribe of people ?

He answered me in this way. . .

He said excuse me I was wrong in my choice of word’s.

You are the


of an Entire Nation

Within you in your heart lives the memories of them and their way’s. You are on a great journey, your path will take you home, there . . . all the wisdom of the ancients will be brought to you and you will remember them, their way’s and their wisdom.

When you have remembered, your path will take you to the Nation’s, and you will teach them these way’s and remind them that even though they are gone ( the Ancients) they are not forgotten, for they live in you, in your heart.

You will teach them that now is the time for them (the Nation’s) To gather together, to put aside all difference’s and become “ONE” Nation, to stand up in the light of GOD”S LOVE and declare your sovereignty.

Teach them how to go and sit in council with the leader’s of the world and shame them. For now is the time, to teach them how to live in the wisdom of the ancients.

To respect our Mother earth, to care for her, it is time to end the thoughts of


To say the least was I was dumb founded by it all. I asked him, how do I go about doing something this huge by any standard’s actually I think this is the single most gigantic effort ever undertaken by one man, except for you know who.

He said to me. . . YOU. . . are one of the chosen. . .

your path is being prepared for you,

The way is being made clear for you, for the messenger. . .

from GOD ,

he has chosen you as his guide to lead them back to him and the way’s of the Ancients.

Yes ONE man can save the world . . .

and that man is you.

You will teach them their way’s. You will make them remember who they are.You will build a monument to them, one of great beauty and deep meaning. The most glorious totem ever made by man! It will become cherished by all. A grand reminder of the wisdom that lives in your heart.

That you walk amongst the Ancients, your people even today where they are extinct. Except that as long as you live they will also for you will never forget them.

Buffalo Bear that is his name, He had never seen me before and only twice did I get to see him again. Both time’s we spent hour’s talking, he asked


many thing’s that I thought I did not know or possibly could know, but I remembered and was able to answer his question’s, for he had opened my mind’s eye and I am seeing as never before.

I do not know where he and white wolf are, his wife she too is a great spirit I love them both. Where ever you are I know that you are walking in the way of GOD and that he is with you.

Thank You both my friend’s, you have shown me my path and made clear to me the thing’s that I have been seeing in my vision’s, this was in Fla.

Many year’s ago I was in Ohio,

I was out with some friend’s, we were drinking and dancing away the night. I noticed a young native American man, every time he turned around someone was giving him a hard time. He on the other hand was doing nothing wrong, not at all just minding his own bs. or trying to any way’s.

So I walked over to him and introduced myself, shaking his hand, it’s funny I cannot even remember his name. I took him aside and we sat down in the corner way back out of the way of everyone else.

We talked about many thing’s, this was his first time off the reservation. Before I even knew it they called out last call, so as we stood up to go, he stepped up close and with a smooth easy movement he put a medicine bag around my neck, then stepped back saying this. . .

I made this medicine bag in the old way, with my own hand’s, what is in it is not for you to know, and is not for your eye’s to see, but the


is now in your hand’s “it” is up too you.

I had no idea of what he was saying. I never saw this man before and never again have I had the pleasure to see him again.

Do you remember what I Jesus said?

One must be careful how we speak and treat a stranger, may be an angel of the lord.

I now understand this completely, that was about fifteen year’s ago.

Now put together with Buffalo Bear’s vision, I thought I knew what I must do.

After having met Buffalo Bear and White Wolf, I had to go home, back to Ohio. It’s funny how thing’s come together if you listen.

He said (Buffalo Bear) that my journey would take me home, it turns out that the Ancients lived in the Ohio valley, totally surrounding the home I live in now. I’ve never felt so at home anywhere ever before.

Not long after I returned home I was sitting in my shop late one night, contemplating all the thing’s I had to accomplish. It was about two or three in the morning, I had only a candle lit and my music playing softly.

There came a knock on my door, so I went to let them in, It was a man that I had just met recently. He walked over to me and held out two book’s, saying I do not remember where I got these or why I even have them, but I think they are for you.

To my utter surprise, they were the life’s work of a man who had dedicated his life to gathering together the wisdom of the Ancients and the way of the medicine wheel with all the ceremonies into how to use the thing’s to get your prayer,s to GOD.

Since this day every where I go some one has a gift for me, a story or a book something that brings me closer to knowing all about the Ancients. people are beginning to come to me now for answer’s to question’s they do not know the answer to and I know the answer to them all every one, it is so simple, when you live the way that the Ancients lived.

Applying these thing’s the knowledge and wisdom of the Ancients to your daily life, as you come to know them is easy. You must be diligent about it, you must practice them all the time, it takes alot of effort on your part, but soon becomes second nature to you.

We shall see as we continue, just how simple this is, and how greatly beneficial it is to you and the effect’s it has on every person you meet in your daily life.

Soon you will notice that it has simply taken over your life and your heart, you will take notice of the wonderful benefit’s you begin to reap on a daily basis. you also will become blessed amongst men as I have come to know it.

My life is filled with wonderful event’s on a daily basis,every day I laugh so hard my stomach hurts, I get to share my life’s work and wisdom with so many wonderful people, it makes my heart so glad.

Blessed, and speaking of being blessed,

This is an example of the simplicity of my belief and the power of my faith…

One day I was sitting on my stool, at my makin table in my studio. I turned to look out my back door, I keep it open, so I can look out at my fire pit or simply the beauty that the valley and hill’s fill my heart with. I can see way up the valley almost to the top of the hill and the creek thats babbling by. This is where I go out into the wood’s to collect and gather all the thing’s I need to do my work with.

I bring in large cuts of old dead tree’s that have fallen and mother earth has been working on them for year’s to make them as they are.

I quarry large sand stone rock’s out of the creek bank’s where the spring thaw Wash’s them out to see from within the earth hidden from the beginning of time , these stones have been hand painted by the creator himself over million’s of year’s, sooo beautiful !.

I gather moss and growth’s of various plant life. I put these together to create my sculpture’s.

So any way…

I was sitting there just watching the blue, gray, white smoke rise up out of the fire pit. I looked up the valley and back, it was then that it struck a cord in my heart.

How blessed I am,

I thought,

I am not looking out my back door! I am looking


into my store house !!

Everything I need to create my art work is simply lying there, waiting for me to come and collect it and gather it all together.

Do you see “HIS” plan,

the utter simplicity,


created a way for me to use Mother earth to create beautiful thing’s out of her abundance.


No more than the labor of my love to go out into the wood’s or wonder through the creek gathering my goods.

I am surely blessed amongst all men.

You can be too

all you have to do is remember that

” YOU ”

are an angel of GOD.

Start praying to him, by


listen to what he has to tell you,

so you also will know where to go – what to do – what to say

and how to go about it.

listen to the words

from within the mind and heart of

Tony Gray Owl,

American Shaman a man of great insight

whom just so happens became this great light


from the Mountains unto the Sea’s I shall be the LIGHT

December /30/ 2011 AD

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