the Age of Essentials /* understanding EARTH Medicine part 2

In this paper I will explain and teach to you, the methodology of organic medicine for an organic people.

First and foremost we must all agree beyond doubt, the human body is and will always be comprised solely of and with organic naturally occurring substances, period.

Unless modified by some surgeon attempting to replace a part of the human anatomy with a foreign substance, non-organic ( steel, plastic etc. ).

In the instance of modern medical science, scientists and medical doctors approach to creating medicines for and in the treatment of the illnesses and diseases of the human body as their main focus is of non-organic laboratory synthesized pharmaceutic manufactured chemicals foreign to the internal workings of the human bodies organic substances and “naturally occurring” chemical processes, i.e. vitamins, minerals, trace elements and the constituents of the naturally occurring medicinal plant compounds and food stuffs we consume and or apply in a medicinal way.

This approach, pharmaceutical synthetics, creates more what is known as and is widely accepted as side effects in relation to the treatment of the symptoms of the illness or disease, rather than an acceptable affect in relation to the cause of the illness or disease. In modern society we have been bombarded by the media, literally brain washed by our trusted doctors and the pharmaceutical giants with these side effects for so long and so intensely that we do not even hear the side effects any more, we do not even factor these terrible horrific side effects into the equation of an informed decision making process when considering the use of these drugs in our desperate search for help with the illnesses we suffer from.

More often than not these illnesses are created by taking the advice of a licensed doctor, that we trust and pay for their services very well and who has also been paid by a pharmaceutical corporation to administer these toxic poisonous drugs that have been created in a lab and without conscience of results, let them loose upon us, these horrific side effects are pre-known by the pharmaceutical giants and yet they themselves decide to go forward, knowing that they may be sued for the sufferings and or deaths caused by the use of these drugs.

These toxic poisonous pharmaceutical synthetically created chemicals will never address the cause of our organic illnesses and or diseases, as these chemicals far more often then not, create further even more dangerous causes and side-effects than the illness or disease itself creates.

I.E. Patient, says to their doctor, my sinuses are stuffy and my nose runs, Doctor, replies to the patient, here take this prescription DRUG, it will dry up your runny nose and you will breath a little better. Oh by the way be aware that you should not drive until you know how this is going to affect you, be careful when standing up as you may become dizzy and pass out, there is a high instance of upper respiratory infection, sinus infection, kidney or liver damage, cancer, heart attach, stroke and or death.

For a runny nose? What kind of medical practice is this? We have heard these things for so long your mind is numb to them you don’t even hear them any more. It is time to open your mind and exercise your rights as a human being and declare that you demand medical treatment with not only your health as the main focus, it is your very life that is being put in danger, instead of and as apposed to the blind greed for profit and the blind experimentation into things they have zero knowledge of except the offensive side effects caused by the use of them. These scientists are trained and taught to think the way they do, to experiment with our very lives in the balance and or even far worse, they the scientists and the doctors our physicians are paid to think and carry on their medical practice in this way.

As apposed to this my approach to an all organic natural medicine based in a deep understanding of the human body and its functions as an electro magnetic, bio-chemic, photo interactive processing plant and the relationship of the human bodily functions to the earth itself as the mother of all human creation, and provider of all things needed to live a healthy organic human life is our dignified right as a human being. Understanding this organic system is the preliminary to the creation of affective proactive medicines for the prevention, treatment or cure for the illness or disease by an invading organic infectious agent/s,   i.e. Bacterial, fungal, germicidal, microbial or viral, each of these are purely organic in form. This organic approach which not only addresses the cause/s as the main focus but also provides a highly affective as well as effective treatment for the relief from the physical symptoms of the illness and or disease simultaneously providing relief through permanent removal of the cause while systematically controlling the symptoms, allowing the body to heal itself and return to normal health automatically, while also bolstering the auto-immune system with proper nutrition at the same time. Which prevents the re-infestation by these invading agent/s. When you affectively practice and achieve the effects of Prevention, you have discovered and created the cure.

Not by merely scientifically masking the effects or symptoms of the invading or infectious agent/s into the internal working human system by only addressing the symptoms with synthetic non-organic chemicals that do not address the cause of the symptoms which only provides temporary relief (on rare occasion) from the symptoms, but does not provide an affective treatment that provides a cure for the cause of the symptoms they are attempting to treat. Only by treating the cause and eliminating it, can you achieve the end result with which would return the internal functions of the electro magnetic, bio-chemic system back to its normally occurring bodily functions free of invading agents and or chemicals that interact, counteract and thus alter the desired end results of the internal organic chemical processes of a human body, that fully achieve the end result in that the focused intended results are in the form of a normal healthy human being, free from the effects of any and all invading infectious agents.

Now do not get me wrong, I do not and am not attacking science, scientists nor our medical doctors. I am merely pointing out that they have not only missed the mark or the bull’s-eye, they have missed the entire target. They have fallen victim of what they have been taught to think, and in many cases been paid to think and act. In an emergency and a lot of other instances they can save lives and extend the days or even years of a persons life. I am only saying that they have way over stepped their boundaries. They have strayed from medical understanding and enlightened medical practice, living up to the oath that is sworn when becoming a doctor, science and the practice there of has jumped head first into the dark world of medical experimentation, on the general public as the rule. I am under the impression that human experimentation is illegal.

It is against the Federal law !

I.E.  You go to your doctor, in the end is said, I am not sure exactly what is wrong or the cause of it, but here take this prescription drug and we shall see what happens and how you react to it, and adjust from there. This is blind human experimentation, flagrantly practiced against the law daily all over this land. Just ask an attorney you’ll get an ear full of mal-practice procedures and the end results of horrible injury and or death caused by this experimentation and these toxic pharmaceuticals prescribed, our doctors having little or no, understanding of the affects of these drugs in relation to the un-intended and even worse un-known effects of the chemical interactions and the reactions of the drugs and the chemical make up of the individual.

To be continued in part three.




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