the AGE of ESSENTIAL’S /* understanding EARTH MEDICINE

Tony Gray’Owl

Native American Cherokee Shaman

Through decades of self dedicated research

Discovered  ~  and  ~  Developed

A new highly specialized concept in the understanding and use of

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

I am Gray’Owl ~ Centaur /* Sagittarius

Based upon a deep understanding of the natural Immune system of our

Mother the Earth

the BOOK of LIFE reveals Earth Medicine a forgotten science

This Ancient Science  ~  of  ~  Earth Medicine

re ~ introduced

will come to be known as the

ART of


Some of the various formulas discovered and created by GrayOwl

These are my Sacred Anointing Oils that I use when I do my healing work for those that come to me seeking help when all else has failed them

The Apostles as taught by our Lord Jesus  himself

Said aloud in great Joy

We shall go out and Anoint them we shall slather them down with


With Laying on of our hands we shall cure them of all their sicknesses and diseases

You must understand that the Apostles had been taught the blending of various rare oils for explicit use in their  healing of the sick

Gray’Owl has found several of these formulations written down in ancient manuscripts and upon various scroll’s with which He has incorporated the use of into the formulation of these blends and deep understanding of these miraculous oils

Formulas our modern science calls them, to treat and cure the infirmities as they were called in Ancient times that those people thousands of years ago suffered

This science of Earth Medicine

Has long been a strong understanding and practical use in our

Native American culture for Centuries

I could go into extremely detailed verbiage of scientific jargon and un~understandable use of elaborate words that you would not understand even if I tried to explain them to you, so I am attempting to state as clearly as simply and precisely as I can this information for your education and personal use there of

These essential Oils provide treatment options through

Immunology ~ Prevention and Cures


Bacterial     Contagious   Epidemic   Fungal

Germicidal   Infectious   Inflammatory

Microbial   Nervine   Spasmodic   Viral

and a host of other

Human Illnesses

Gray’Owl’s formulas are One of

If not the most comprehensive effective treatments and prevention methods available today

Gray’Owl can not only teach you how to use these


He can teach you how to make them at home for

Pennies ~  on the  ~ Dollar

Compared to Pharmaceutic-ally

Manufactured   ~   Prescribed

Toxic ~ DRUGS

(  note to self  )

explain here how science researches natural essences and then attempts to isolate the active constituent, reproduce and manufacture it  artificially for mass production, and the massive across the board failure of this approach to medical science not to mention the horrible side effects of these drugs

I am under the impression that the United States Government had DECLARED WAR on DRUGS

I do not understand how these Pharmaceutical DRUG manufacturing companies through the use of the FDA market toxic poisonous drugs at such an incredible cost to the people with side effects openly stated such as


Heart Attack StrokeCancer and yes even DEATH


Through the use and payment method of a vast fortune of MONEY spent in the GREED for more MONEY

explain here how the essential oils and all natural medicines by~far out power the Pharmaceutical poisons

One of the main Global problems that science has declared, ( INCURABLE ) is the Herpes Simplex Virus, Gray’Owl has discovered and developed a highly complex formula of purest essential oils, that is not only the finest treatment option in the world, it will not only treat and heal an outbreak, it prevents the outbreak’s from ever occurring, the formula prevents the outbreak by KILLING the virus on contact, whether in an outbreak form and most exciting about this major discovery is that unlike any and all modern scientific medicines prescribed, this formula seeks out and kills this nasty virus in its latent stage.
Once you have used this formula once or maybe twice.

You will never suffer another outbreak of herpes again

Contained within this small bottle is the global cure for the herpes simplex viral epidemic

Take a very close look at this complex compound formula, have you ever seen any thing that looks like this ?  Shown in its inactive stable state where it only gets better and more powerful as it ages like a fine wine, Therapists of today and even the manufactures of the oils will tell you that these oils will go putrid in 6 months to 1 year and to store these gorgeous oils in dark bottles to protect them from the damaging effects of the light, only the blue oils are photo sensitive. They do not know how to age these oils, My oils only get stronger with the passage of time and actually become more effective. There is a very specific method for accomplishing this, it is my earth majiek I call it. A very special substance I discovered, when added to the formula ages and preserves these oils indefinitely and at the same time when shaken blends emulsifies and activates the formula of oils releasing the extremely complex contents of constituents equally. The contents of this bottle are 7 years old and have cured dozens of people of the herpes virus and there’s still this much left of my original formulation of just this one small bottle.

The following  picture is of this formula activated for use as a topical method of localized application to the affected area/s.

This is the activated state of the formula so as to bring out its full potential

I give the people of the world the


for the Herpes Viral Infection

as it not only prevents all future outbreaks it dramatically and very rapidly speeds the healing of a current outbreak

As it seeks out and


this virus in its latent stage

Superior Success

where science and technology have failed miserably in all attempts to do so

I have been asked to write a paper for the worlds leading online Medical Journal on the failure of Science and Pharmaceutical  Companies and their anti ~ biotic approach to this epidemic in which their efforts falls far short of even developing an effective treatment option for merely an outbreak treatment method that is even remotely effective, as of late a German scientist and his lab, produced a treatment option which includes the essential oil of Lemon Balm, ( Melissa Officinalis ) the discovery here is this oil helps to treat an outbreak as well as helps prevent future outbreaks but fails to kill the virus. Plus it is extremely costly as it takes between 4 to seven tons of this herb to produce one ( 1 ) gallon of the oil. Thus its cost is several hundred dollars per ounce.

explain about anti~B’s and their inability to kill the mutating viruses

explain the power of the essential oils massive content of constituents.

If each and every person having this viral infection merely used one small bottle of this topical solution

the Herpes Simplex Virus would be completely wiped out globally

Gray’Owl has also developed this formula into treatment options for the genital type carriers as well this formulation not only attack’s with great hostility killing the all of the present  exposed virus and thus preventing an outbreak but the most wonderful news of this is that this formulation can and does completely prevent the spreading of the virus from an infected sexual partner to a non infected partner in that as stated all exposed virus are killed immediately upon contact

Anyone that suffers from this Disease can make private contact @
To order your own bottle of this miracle medicine and cure your self nearly over night of the Herpes Simplex Virus types 1 and 2

Blah Blah Blah etc. etc. etc. about other treatments for various major things.

Fibromyalgia  Neuropathy  Psoriasis  and so forth

this is the formulation that has a vast range of treatments for nearly all major and minor skin problems

it is not merely a highly effective treatment it rapidly heals most all skin problems completely

Within this bottle are over 300 highly prized oils from every corner of the world in perfect balanced blend in the exact quantity of each oil for optimum affect

a closer look  it appears that it looks similar to the Herpes blend but is vastly different in its composition

Again you may never see another set of compound elements that interacts with each other in this way

The following photograph shows the formulation of oils for the treatment of Fibromyalgia ~ Nervine ~ Muscles and connective tissue even Skeletal pain is relieved along with many other similar diseases of the nerves, muscles and bones

An extremely powerful ant~inflammatory ~ Anti~Spasmodic ~ Pain Killer

Gray’Owl has many many many treatment options for all those where modern scientific medicine has failed you.
Gray’Owl’s formulas are scientifically proven safe effective and without any known side affects. What are you waiting for, get in touch today, set yourself free, from these diseases and live a normal healthy life.

there is a wealth of knowledge yet to be written down here, I shall return and place all I know in this field of medical research, in the near future.

the ANSWER that you seek a

CURE for Cancer and Leukemia

click here

click back to the BOOK of LIFE


5 responses

  1. You word it all so perfectly so that hopefully people will learn to listen!!!!!! 🙂 thank you!!!!!

    December 2, 2014 at 11:08 PM

  2. Anne Reynolds

    I would like to know the name of the Apostle that we talked about many months ago. It would mean a lot to that person.
    In addition to that I am interested in knowing what I need to use for some of the health issues I am now facing. I am not big on prescription medication and am trying to research some meds that are currently not offered by prescription but have a natural base. One is an autoimmune disease and also I think I may have Diabetes. It isn’t bad enough to take the drug but I’m pretty sure I have it. I guess I need to finish this on line. Thank you as always

    May 6, 2011 at 12:35 PM

  3. I truly prize your piece of work, Great post.

    April 8, 2011 at 12:06 PM


    January 16, 2011 at 6:14 PM

  5. Donna Jean

    wow love the way the pictures turned out!!!!…. such beautiful hope for all the world

    December 4, 2010 at 2:16 AM

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