the Flame of my LOVE

I will reach out to touch your heart with the gentlest softest of caress

I will spark this flame with my love to rekindle and ignite once again the flames of your love locked away seemingly lost to you deep within your heart

I will breath upon this ember with the breath of life itself to cause them to begin to glow and fan them with the roaring flames of my love and watch your Love grow.

What ever it is that you so desperately seek look inside yourself and you shall find the answers

Look deep within your Heart it will lead you to your Soul

Your soul will bring to your memory from deep within your Mind

Where your spirit silently spoke to you whispered into the night like a lost dream remembered at last brought to light

Listen quietly ever so still with your heart and all things held firmly deep within your mind will be brought out into the light of understanding

Your knowledge will expose to you your own Hidden Wisdom

Give your love away freely completely totally without abandon unconditionally without expectation

Who knows

Why your heart cries when you let your love flow

Who knows

Only time will tell the story of a life as you let your love grow

Only time knows where your love goes as you freely let it go

Forgive all unconditionally as this is the only way to Forgiveness

Begin with forgiving self of all that’s ever been these secrets kept hauntingly within your self

Then give your own forgiveness to all that’s ever been those other thoughts these memories that haunt your dreams and feel them all depart

This is my focused Intent

For you to see my hearts knowledge and these Wisdom’s inspired from within my mind

Hold fast to these few words and you will come to know these tears your heart cries as you give your love away

Is the joy of love given as it also comes your way

Only time can tell the story of the direction of your life

Only time knows as your love grows and your tears flow into the river of living waters that feeds out into the vast oceans of our lives that leads to where

HOPE floats.

Have Faith as you give your love away

As your love given freely

Always comes back to you





Always ever Growing

Once exposed into the Light.

Do you see these meanings exposed here for


turn the page  /* Lesson 5.


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