purpose of FOGIVENESS

the purpose of Forgiveness

from within the book of my heart rises the tree of Knowledge

This is the book of my heart that has just been stolen…

These thieves in the dark did not realize

That I had left it here for them to find

When they opened it

This is what they let loose upon the world


My Love

has been set free upon the world
for it could not be bought it does not have to be sought it cannot even be stolen

it is beyond priceless as my love is


My Love has been freed to flow around the world

This one tiny seed now planted within your heart

With exquisite care and tenderest of compassion I will tend to it and help it too


Today I set sail out upon the oceans of my


My sea of tranquility

from the center of self I set sail into the unknown

I caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye

A small glimmer of light

Glittering it seemed just beyond the horizon

So I sailed to see

what this thing may be and this is what I found

a    tiny    little    bottle

A gift rare beyond compare, a cure. with no side effects. Pure liquid Love /*

In it was a message written in a foreign

language called

” LOVE “

I wish to share with you this tiny insignificant piece of my heart

Just as a rose touches everyone

your beauty make’s me smile

Your love so full bursting forth

Like the essence of the flower spilling out into life

Completely fill’s my sense’s and overwhelms the mind

We must be kind and gentle, in the way we touch each other

for like the roses thorn we too can pierce and cause to bleed not just the skin so easily cut

but to the core

This thing we call our HEART

if you only knew

Yet unlike the petal

That fall’s and fade’s into the past

A broken


remembers the deed that was done “last”

Just as the rose can pierce you to cause some pain and bleed


We go back time and again for the beauty that make’s us smile

It’s essence that fill’s our sense’s and overwhelms our minds

Teaches but one lesson

We must always forgive unconditionally and let the essence of our


work it’s wonderful majic that mend’s a broken heart

It’s not an easy task too make two become one

Not unlike the rose and the thorn

they two are simply one

It is accomplished with the gentlest of touch to make us simply


If I have touched your heart here right now

Come visit my pages and read my written word of love and life

Find yourself here renewed, look at the rarest of all art in the world. See through the eyes of an artists life, experience beyond imagination things perhaps never known to mortal man. I have been blessed with skill of hand and the majic of word, amongst all men, and am sharing freely

Come raid my living tomb steal my treasures these my seeds of love and carry them around the world with you where ever you go

Plant the seed of my love in the garden of

“your” heart and watch it grow

Even in the most desolate desert it will flourish as an oasis, a place of safe haven.

A place where

the Breath of Life begins

capture your highest dream remembered and become self

Come take my hand Let us begin together side by side this new journey an epic adventure into life

can you even imagine how much I love you

everything I do, I do for you.

I give you my Love it is


turn the page ~ to My Dearest Angels


2 responses

  1. I like this

    December 17, 2010 at 5:21 AM

  2. Donna Jean

    Your words always touch my heart as i am always here on these pages following your footprints…still the most beautiful place on earth.. right here… Love and light to you….

    December 15, 2010 at 11:09 PM

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