Author T. Gray’Owl

The BOOK of LIFE, as seen through the eye’s of a stranger.

Is the only living Book on this planet as it is being written as we live life every day, Gray’Owl edits and writes into the Book daily, the truths of life and love. Offering a wonderfully simple way to achieve the highest thoughts of self ever attained.

This Book is the life long work, of Artist, Sculptor, poet and Author, Tony Gray’Owl  March
  Native American Cherokee Shaman

This is a short story of his life and how it all began . . .


A rough draft of part of ones life’s story.

This is the story of one man, a true story, one that is still being lived as you read it, an on going adventure in life.

In his minds eye he is just a simple man. No one special. No one of any importance. A man of simple means and simple needs. Living in his heart how ever is the truth of life, living, loving and forgiving. He is so filled with it that it bleeds from him. Every where he goes people are fascinated by him, the glow that is in his eyes captures their attention. The simple happiness that shines about him. People ask him where ever he goes, how did you become to be this way ? They open their hearts to him, telling him all their troubles and dreams, asking him if he can explain the answers to their prayers, their dreams and fears.

Asking him if he would share with them the words of wisdom of the Ancients that live within him. Too him these are the happiest times of his life, when he gets to share his life’s experience and the knowledge that he has been given by the Great Creator God, the wisdom of the Ancients and the art work that he has been divinely inspired to create along with their stories and the morals they hold and teach.

He is truly an exceptionally gifted natural artist inspired of God, all that he does he simply hears in an almost un-hearable whisper, that talks to him in his heart, in his mind, to his very soul. He is listening to God and what he has too say, what Gods spirit is telling him too say, what GOD is telling him to do, where GOD is telling him to go. Unlike conventionally trained artists. He is remembering the instructions that are given too him from God in great inspirational dreams and visions.

He is beginning a new life . . .
Every day his spirit soars with the Eagles. To him the Eagle according to the wisdom of the Ancients are the eyes of God. When ever you see the Eagle soaring over head you are in the sight of God he is watching you do the things with approval that he has told you to do. Gray Owl has spent his life tracking the paths of life, he has lived life large and small, he has loved and he has lost, as we all have. He is alone in life now, as he travels the path he has found that if followed will take you to the doorway that opens to the center of the cosmos itself, A cosmic portal, which science has now proven to be the milky way which is our Galaxy, and is our galaxies BLACK HOLE, and is the very center of the HEART of the constellation of Sagittarius, this cosmic portal will trans port you to the place where God lives, in the highest of the Heavens themselves.

In his mind he is no one special, yet, he knows one thing, he is the KEY to the continued safety of the world, the future of man kind itself. He has been lead to this point in his life for one reason and only “one”. He must become “THE” GUIDE, he must leave his foot prints for all that may see them to follow. He must stand at the doorway of the cosmos itself, standing proudly as the light, dedicating his very existence to this one task, he must “become” the light, the light of the love of God, for it fills him to over flowing.

He stands at the doorway to the cosmos, the center of all creation, simply as a guide, letting his light shine not as some one of importance, simply a guide, his light so very bright so as you do not stumble on the trail, so you may SEE clearly the path way to this portal, The path way that will walk you right up to the face of God himself where he will look into your heart and you too shall be reborn as a child, filled with the light of Gods love.

Yet he has another task, of far greater difficulty and importance, This task he fears is far to great for such a simple man. How can he do this he asks the Great Creator ? “I AM” whispers to him on a soft wind as if the gentle rustle of the nettles of the pines are his voice. So gently “I AM” speaks that if you are thinking of a cool drink of water, your thoughts are to loud and over come the sweet whisper and you cannot hear it.

With great diligent effort and decades of meditation, he has learned how to become centered at the very heart of center, fully completely balanced in equality, living in total peace with an incredible tranquility that now abounds in his life. He has remembered his instructions from God and is practicing them daily with Ernest. He knows how to manipulate with the power of light the negative dark energies found within a humans life and then to manifest them directly too the Creator, which then re~manifests them, reborn so to say and sends back too him as the good energy magnified and sanctified, that feeds his soul, so as to be able to do as he has been instructed, to accomplish his great task.

He is on a mission, a mission to save mankind from itself, and to change the way we all live. To live our lives under the ONE and only LAW . . . The LAW of “LOVE” . . . GODS LOVE . He knows that if he fails the world may be destroyed and all that are in it will pass away. This is that mission and what he has been instructed to do.

For many years as he went about his life, He sought out and studied under many great masters, he delved into deep research gathering the bits and pieces of truth and knowledge scattered all around the world in obscure writings, the Bible, science journals, writings of the great minds and thinkers from throughout history, as well as the ancient scrolls manuscripts and texts nearly lost to humanity, and also learning as many of the secret things that are only taught by oral tradition handed down from one generation to the next, from the elder Shaman to the student Shaman.

He also began gathering and collecting certain things from his daily life and kept them packed away in safe keeping, not sure for what purpose he was even doing it for. Then one day he looked at these things and something spoke, within himself and yet as if a voice from outside of him emanating from every where and no where in particular, so very soft and gentle the voice as if from no where and every where at the same time. He began to have dreams for the first time in his life, visions of change, visions of wisdom and knowledge were coming too him now on a regular basis. It took over his life and changed him. Gray Owl slowly began to create.

First simple drawings with pencil and paper. Oh how beautiful people would say, and would want to buy one, but he kept telling them they are not for sale. Then under Divine inspiration he took a single very small diamond, a tiny tiny stone and a very small piece of sand paper and one of the pieces of marble that he had saved from the many jobs that he had done through out his life and began to draw right on the face of the stone. He was drawing pictures of the guides, the great men of wisdom that has lived in this world from all over the span of time, from creation till now, as we know it.

These are the guides that show him the way, The prophets that teach him their great wisdom that they have received from GOD, and have remembered from their own life’s experiences. The ones that have come to him in his dreams and visions, telling him what he must do and how to go about it. Teaching him the wisdom and knowledge of the Ancients. Yet he still did not know what nor exactly why he was doing it. Over many years he kept going back to them, the stone etchings and working on them more and more regularly, with almost a vengeance, as if he was being driven.

Still he was not sure why or for what purpose he was doing it. His etchings were becoming so real that they almost looked like photographs, that had been copied onto the stone. Yet the only medium he was using is the face of the stone itself, no other materials were needed, He found that he could paint on the face of the stone with nothing more than the tip of his finger and the dust of the stone as he drew. Each piece inspired from a vision, so many they were becoming that he had soon filled up his small work shop. Still not knowing what he was going to do with them.

Many people would come to see them, remarking on their unique style and beauty. Again people wanted to buy them and he always said they are not for sale. Now in his dreams he began to receive new instructions on what to do. Before he simply loved walking through the woods and marveling at nature, the simpleness of its beauty, the wonders of creation began to haunt him. One day he was out in the woods and it seemed that the trees had begun to speak to him, so he sat down under the biggest tree around leaned back closed his eyes and strained to listen. Soon he relaxed finding his balance and harmony with the mother earth and sure enough the trees began to speak to him. They were crying . . . have you never seen the sap the weeps out and rolls down their trunks ? These are their tears.

They were telling him about all their brothers who had been cut down in their prime, all over the world man was cutting down their brothers, and for what ? to make paper ? They said to him . . . “look ‘ . . .” look” all around us, there are so many of our brothers who have fallen to the ground returning to the Mother Earth to be recycled and to give their lives again in their service to man, at the end of their time and are being reborn by the mother earth. If you were to go about picking them up you would have more wood than you could use and never have to cut another living tree simply . . . for paper.

If you take some of them and make with them your art in a sculpture with your stone etchings, you can show the beauty of them the wood how mother earth has made them so interestingly beautifully different than all others, and people will come and look at the beautiful wonder of them and about their creation and you then can tell these people of the world our story, how broken our hearts have become for our brothers.

Teach them that “we” the trees are doing what the Great Creator . . . “God” has told us to do, to absorb the bad things and energies in the air itself, placed there by humans, polluting the breath of life,the one thing you can do without for only mere moment and you expire back into spirit, this is the gift of your life, from God himself to all mankind so as to be able to exist and WE the tree make it new and fresh and good for “YOU” the people of this world and all the creatures in the world. We are only doing as HE has instructed, Please tell them they asked Gray Owl.

He was so overcome that he sat there weeping for hours. Praying to God for the answer to this terrible thing, to know how too stop it from going on any longer. Then as he gathered his composure and his heart quieted down, he began to hear that whisper amongst the rustling of the leaves and heard the Lord speaking too him again, he listened very, very closely to this soft gently quiet voice. It was telling him how to do what he had asked. As the days and months passed he went regularly into the woods and gathered wonderfully beautiful pieces of the old trees that had fallen and the mother earth had changed ever so slightly for him to use in his work and soon had more than he could use stacked up curing behind his small work shop.

It took many years for him to clean and cure the trees to the point that they were ready for him to use. During the summers he loved to go walking through the creek, it is such a pleasant place to be in the heat of the day. You see the cool nearly cold water with the slight wind drifting off of it is like a natural air conditioning. You can walk along in such a pleasant coolness in the heat of the day with the great trees shading you with your feet sunken into the water from your ankles to sometimes your knees, almost chilly. Wading along he would turn over an occasional rock to see who is living there, a salamander or a small minnow, sometimes a soft shelled crayfish would scamper away.

The rocks that had tumbled down the creek for millenniums were of great interest to him, he admired the colors and shapes they had taken on over the years, such beauty only God could create, and he had a great collection of them that he had gathered from all around the country and displayed in his shop. Occasionally a deer and her fawn would come by, with nothing to fear, they knew that he loved them as if they were his own children, they would stop and look at him as if wondering what is he doing? He would smile and talk too them, sometimes laughing as the fawns played and jumped about. Birds and squirrels came by all the time chattering at him, and he would talk to them also, it was so wonderful, he felt so astoundingly blessed by the things that happened around him, he felt so grounded, these things happened to him on a daily basis.

Sometimes he would come across the tracks of a bear or a bobcat and follow them as far as they took him, way up the hill sides and deep into the woods they took him right up to their den were they lived, never did he disturb anything so not to harm them or make them go away. He simply loved the things that God has created for us to enjoy and to learn from and constantly the fox, owl, eagle, bear and all the others were coming and teaching him how to live simply with harmony in life and the world. You see… he had come to know that in all things there is something to learn, some way of lookin at life from the most basic of instincts that showed you how to live in harmony, in balance with every other creature in the world, yes even with all the other peoples of this planet.

That we have been placed in charge of lookin after this world that we live in. We must respect every thing. We must take the responsibility that God gave us when he said that we are the care takers of this world, it is not only our right to enjoy the grandeur of it all, but also to make sure for future generations that it is still here for our children to enjoy as well. For you see, the simple truth is that mother earth provides us with all things to live our life in perfect contentment.

One day Gray Owl was wandering through the creek, A feeling came over him, like a wave at the ocean beach, washing over him nearly knocking him down. He was standing in front of a large wall of rock. Rocks that the winters end and spring thaws that flooded down the creek each year and washed away the soil that has encompassed them the ancient rocks hidden away in the mother earth since the beginning of time, and now have been revealed to him, if we take the time to “see” them the rocks as what they are, they may teach you if you listen to them with your heart.

This is the lesson as Gray Owl had seen it that day… Jesus said that he is the “ROCK” the solid foundation that you must build your life on. Now Gray Owl stood there quietly listening to the rocks and learned from them, They spoke to him and said . . . if you dig us out wash us clean and then take us back with you, to your shop they said to him, you can build your sculptures upon us the solid rock foundation we will become for you as the Lord said and told us to do, as not to be washed away in the storms of life as we go along. We shall hold up the sculptures that you are creating, so that they will not be able to be knocked over, we will be the solid ROCK the very foundation for them to be built upon for all time.

People can then see us clearly and see the most incredible wonderment and beauty that God himself has hand painted upon our surfaces over the millenniums of time, but had kept us hidden until it was the time for you to put us in the light of the LOVE OF GOD, for all the peoples of the world to see and come to know the lessons that we hold. Gray Owl sat down on the opposite side of the creek and was washed over with great wisdom and again he sat there filling and overflowing with GODS LOVE AND WISDOM. He simply cried and laughed out loud at the same time, so very simple yet one of the most powerful things that he had remembered in his life.

As he sat there he was filled with inspiration towards his sculptures and realized how to accomplish this task. He stood up crossed the creek and with his bare hands he dug out the first of hundreds of these wonderful rocks of wisdom and carried them in to his shop and began drying and very carefully cleaned them with a very very soft brush. You see he saw that the beautiful paintings on each of them are so very fragile, these are sandstone rocks,large, hard and heavy, yet the paintings are so thin as like the paint of a picture. If you scratched them the painting was lost, and only the brown, yellowish grey sandstone showed through.

So for many years he collected theses wonders of nature and brought them in to become the solid foundations for the sculptures. The pieces of marble and granite, the old trees and the rocks, How he treasured them, and yes people came to see them and saw the way that Gray Owl was makin with them. They would look at them in amazement and wonder, asking how much do you want for this one or that one. He always said the same thing, they are not for sale. People kept insisting , you can make a great deal of money, you can become famous like an artist.

Gray Owl told them all, they are not for sale they are for lookin at and for me to teach the peoples of our world to remember their instructions from GOD. They are not to be held by some one of a valuable item, they are for teaching. Late one night, Gray Owl was sitting in his little shop just sittin there lookin around at all of them wondering how he could do what he had been told. To teach the love of god with them. He looked at one in particular, this one is a relief carving of a man offering a horse an apple. As he sat there lookin at this piece he had done about ten years ago, he felt as if some one had come into the room. He looked around but there was no one there except for himself.

Suddenly an idea filled his entire mind, he began to tremble as if under a high fever. He shook almost uncontrollably, he felt like his life was being ripped out from him, his heart began to ache so hard that it felt like some one was crushing it with a great pair of vise-grips. He feel to his knees and began to pray like he had never prayed before. Soon it came to him that he had no reason to be praying. What he needed to be doing was listening ! So he sat up on his knees and again his attention was captured by the carving.

He then began to remember. The story filled his mind telling him how to accomplish his great task. He jumped up off the dirt floor of his little shop ran to his makin table grabbed some paper and a pencil and began to write for the first time, and thus began the BOOK of LIFE.

The story of ” FRIENDSHIP ” is what was written that day. How wonderful it was it made him laugh it made him cry it filled his heart with a great love for all mankind. This is the lesson that he learned that night… he now knew what he was doing and how to go about it

Tony Gray’Owl’s Earth medicine art works, everything is made from bits and pieces of our Mother Earth

He had ” REMEMBERED ” his full instructions from GOD,

For with each piece, each sculpture…

A fascinating story has been manifested into life through the canvas of word, contained within each story there is a grand moral that teaches the lesson’s of life, that each diamond etched picture, each rock, each old tree holds.

The lessons of how God loves us and the plan he has laid out for the way we are to live our life’s.

the BOOK of LIFE



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  1. I have to express some appreciation to this writer just for rescuing me from this situation. After searching throughout the internet and finding proposals which were not pleasant, I assumed my life was gone. Living without the solutions to the issues you have fixed through the post is a critical case, as well as ones which could have adversely damaged my entire career if I had not discovered your web blog. Your primary know-how and kindness in controlling all the stuff was invaluable. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I had not encountered such a solution like this. I can at this point look ahead to my future. Thanks very much for this impressive and sensible help. I will not be reluctant to propose your blog to anybody who wants and needs tips on this subject matter.

    February 16, 2012 at 4:51 AM

  2. Lizdicenzo

    I wanted to thank you for sharing you story and art work I find great peace in your words andstrenght in your drawings My son crossed over less than a month ago He suffered for quite awhile now he is with his sister and I am with his sister one on each side I feel his presents everywhere a tough on my cheek a breeze going by I know he is safe and in no pain his love is strong. Hespent his life helping homeless people I had the pleasure to work with him for a number of years I could not be more proud of him I am sure he is still helping people today the love we shared will never be separated of this I am sure again thank you for your encouragement

    January 17, 2011 at 2:19 PM

    • Tony Gray'Owl

      Hello Lizdicenzo, I am so very touched by your words My heart sings however to see you here, it gives me courage to continue my work, in my Cherokee language, Mitakuye oyasin ( we are related to all things that exists ) In Lak’ech Ala K’in, Tony Gray’Owl

      January 17, 2011 at 11:51 PM

  3. Tony Gray'Owl

    Namaste~ Connie I am greatly honored with your prayer for myself this day I walk with the Great Grand Father into the visions of Wisdom and the simple beauty of a human life lived in joy. Adonai, Tony Gray’Owl

    November 18, 2010 at 9:43 PM

  4. Namaste~ to You, Friend Grey Owl. May The Great Spirit of All Creation walk closely with You Today.

    November 18, 2010 at 5:18 PM

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